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A leading fulfillment solution for direct-to-consumer brands and eCommerce shops that helps them grow frictionlessly across Europe.

Omnipack is a 3PL company - experts in international fulfillment for direct-to-consumer and eCommerce businesses across Europe, with over 15 years of experience in logistics. The company covers all logistics processes: goods inbound, warehousing, pick & pack, delivery, returns, data integration so brands can grow unconstrained by the physical.

Omnipack owns two A-Class and fully optimized fulfillment centers, with a total area of 25,000 m2 which allows great control over the quality of services provided. They focus on specific categories: Health & Beauty, Food & Supplements, Fashion & Accessories, Toys & Hobby and cooperate with small, medium enterprises. Cross-border experience results in short lead times - delivering your products in 1-3 days in the whole EU.


    Fulfillment for e-commerce & d2c brands
    Pick and pack
    Returns management
    Additional services

Client focus:

Small business
Medium business
min. 250 orders monthly


    Health & Beauty (Cosmetics, Supplements, CBD, etc.)
    Fashion & Accessories
    Toys & Hobby
    Cross-border trade
    Eco-friendly fulfillment

Main clients:

    WeAreWild - Cosmetics
    Comfort Click (WeightWorld) - Supplements
    Olsen - Fashion
    Aavalabs - Cosmetics
    Fielmann - Accessories
    Dax - Cosmetics
    Saint and Sofia - Fashion
    Australian BodyCare - Cosmetics
    Bizuu - Accessories
    Motorola - Electronics


    Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland)
    DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg)
    Central & Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania)
    United Kingdom



  • 3PI, FBA, LVB, FBC
  • Cross-border trade
  • Experts in Cosmetics, Supplements, Fashion, Accessories, CBD categories
  • Returns Management
  • Eco-friendly certification, processes and methodology, materials
  • Great value proposition for specified regions