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Merkado Agency is your one-stop-shop marketplace agency that takes care of your challenges and helps you grow your online business.
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Merkado is Belgium's leading marketplace agency that specializes in helping businesses sell and stand out on major online platforms. It provides personalized strategies for putting your products in the spotlight, establishing a solid brand, and ensuring a smooth sales journey. Their services include making sure product listings grab attention, setting up shop on new marketplaces, and taking care of the details behind shipping and delivery.
Merkado is also skilled in marketplace advertising, using the latest trends and insights to attract customers. If you’re looking to boost your online sales and make your business thrive on platforms like Amazon,, Decathlon, or Allegro, Merkado is your go-to partner. 
With ChannelEngine you'll ensure to have a top-tier marketplace infrastructure. With Merkado you'll ensure performance management of the highest level. Combining both, you'll have an unstoppable marketplace strategy and success is yours for the taking. 

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