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With headquarters in Bristol (UK) and Austin, Texas (US), Brightpearl operates as a retail operating system (ROS) for retailers and wholesalers. The company's mission is succinct: to automate the back office, enabling merchants to invest their time and resources in business growth. Brightpearl's ROS encompasses financial management, inventory and sales order management, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfillment, warehouse, and logistics. Additionally, the system boasts high-performing connectors to major e-commerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. Managing over 10 million transactions and facilitating $5 billion in business annually, Brightpearl became part of the Sage Group plc in 2022. The merger of Sage Intacct and Brightpearl creates a potent solution for retailers and wholesalers. As of July 2022, the entity operates under the name Brightpearl by Sage.


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Optimize your online competitiveness by seamlessly managing product data and listings through the integration of Brightpearl and ChannelEngine. This collaboration allows you to connect your multichannel marketplaces, ecommerce site, and inventory, streamlining the process and ensuring a cohesive approach to selling across various channels. With Brightpearl and ChannelEngine working together, you gain the advantage of efficient management, synchronization, and visibility, empowering you to navigate the complexities of multichannel ecommerce with ease and effectiveness.

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