TWENTY TWENTY helps clients be seen so they can connect with the millions of shoppers on marketplaces,  grow their brand, and find new customers.

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Agency partner
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Asia Pacific
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TWENTY TWENTY, established in 2018, has developed a team with the necessary experience and expertise to provide essential services for achieving success in marketplace ecommerce. The team has over 30 years of combined experience spanning Marketplace Strategy, Technology, Optimizations, Advertising, and Customer Service. They have successfully assisted in launching and managing brands on both local and global scales. Over the years, Twenty Twenty has become a partner agency with prominent platforms such as Amazon, Catch, Walmart, and eBay.



The collaboration with Twenty Twenty is founded on the distinctive advantage ChannelEngine offers, enabling their clients to seamlessly operate and expand across multiple marketplaces, both on a local and global scale. By leveraging ChannelEngine's intuitive marketplace integrator, Twenty Twenty is equipped to onboard clients more efficiently and manage large volumes of products effectively. This approach allows for the implementation of diverse strategies across various marketplaces, optimizing time for both their clients and team. Consequently, this strategic partnership empowers Twenty Twenty to focus on strategic development and foster significant growth for its clients.

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Katharina Caracciolo

Partner Manager