GreenHonchos is a leading Digital Commerce Enablement Partner with over a decade of experience scaling 200+ global retail brands online across categories.
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GreenHonchos is a leading Marketplace Growth Partner, guiding high-potential retail businesses through crafting a consultative ecommerce growth journey. This journey includes onboarding on the leading global platforms and launching a full-stack marketplace webstore optimized for high conversions, organic visibility, and scale in the target region and beyond.

With over a decade of experience in the global ecommerce market, GH has assisted 200+ global retail brands online across categories. The company integrates best-in-class global technologies, digital channels of commerce, and bespoke strategies for brands to deliver a delightful consumer experience online and achieve high revenue growth. GreenHonchos is excited to extend its partnership to the most promising brands in the GCC region, aiming to accelerate its omnichannel brand growth.


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The synergistic partnership between GreenHonchsos & ChannelEngine is cultivated to assist retail businesses with 360° ecommerce enablement and improved business efficiency and profitability. This is achieved through integrated and maximized exposure of inventory on all leading marketplaces. With this collaborative approach between ChannelEngine & and GreenHonchos, sellers will benefit from an expert team to ensure businesses are launch-ready, seamlessly onboarded, and poised for exponential growth across various marketplace channels.

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Katharina Caracciolo

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