ESSDconsulting B.V.

ESSDconsulting offers US brands and clients expertise as a full-service ecommerce agent and digital marketing agency. They offer a one-stop-solution from the import of the goods to the complete management of multiple marketplaces and CRM across Europe and the UK. 
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With 25 years of experience in growing consumer brands and legal entities in the European market, ESSD-Consulting possesses extensive knowledge of country-specific consumer markets, cultures, and legislations. Recognizing the increasing importance of ecommerce solutions and the international demand for low-threshold market entry solutions, ESSD-Consulting focuses on providing full-service solutions for international consumer brands.

By partnering with import agencies, customs authorities, 3-PL providers, and VAT accountants across Europe, the UK, and the USA, ESSD-Consulting offers comprehensive, low-threshold access to cross-regional marketplaces and infrastructures.


Why choose ESSDconsulting B.V?

Working with multiple clients, marketplaces, languages, and currencies would be impossible for them without an integrator like ChannelEngine. From the beginning, the ChannelEngine team has collaborated seamlessly with their team to find optimal solutions for serving their clients.

The team at ESSD-Consulting speaks eight languages and comprises sales and marketing-driven multitaskers, each with unique expertise in the field.

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Katharina Caracciolo

Partner Manager