Marketplace Uni
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Marketplace Uni

Marketplace Uni offers online training for Fashion and Sport brands to learn how to sell their products online on big marketplaces. It focuses on European marketplaces within 3-month courses taught by the experts in a community.


    Online Marketplace Manager Starter Program: 3 Month Online Course in small specified groups with other Fashion & Sports brands to learn how to sell your products online.
    Online Marketplace Manager Excellences Program: 3 Month Online course for advanced Marketplace Manager to get advanced know-how for expansion and optimization of the marketplace business.

Client focus:

All kind of business sizes, just focussed on Fashion, Sport, Shoes, Accessoires, Kids & Baby Categories


    Fashion & Accessories
    Sport & Outdoor

Main clients:

    Fashion brands
    Sport brands
    Accessoire brands
    Shoe brands
    Kids brands




Marketplace onboarding:

  • Marketplace onboarding
  • Marketplace strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Training & Coaching


  • Content creation & optimization

Coaching & training:

  • Marketplaces training