Katana BV

Katana BV

International B2B & B2C e-commerce and PIM solutions

After twenty years of experience in the e-commerce industry, we have discovered the undeniable importance of centralizing product data for the success of an online business. This is why, in 2017, we created KatanaPIM. Since then, we are successfully committed to helping our users manage their product information the right way.” KatanaPIM is the single source of truth for product information that allows brands, wholesalers, and retailers easily collect and enrich their product data and efficiently distribute correct and consistent information to their different sales channels, marketplaces, resellers, partners, and
catalogs. Implementing a PIM tool allows companies to streamline and automate internal processes and makes product information management and product launches quick & easy.


    Scalable SaaS solution for all kinds of companies that want to grow their online business
    In-house created Product Information Management system
    Centralized tool where all the information about your products is collected and available

Client focus:

Medium business
Enterprise business


    Product information management

Main clients:

    Bata Industrials
    Douche Concurrent


    North America


Marketplace onboarding:

  • Technical integration