ChannelEngine and Multiply are joining forces

ChannelEngine and Multiply are joining forces

We are pleased to announce that ChannelEngine has joined hands with Multiply offering our customers online marketing solutions that boost their businesses and potentiate their sales.

Multiply is an innovative online marketing agency specialised in performance, branding and data managing.  Our new partner can help you with different marketing tasks such as online advertising, improving organic findability, optimising conversions and analysing results.

Similarly to ChannelEngine, which optimises and automates your online sales, Multiply is considered as a connector. Our collective passion for growing your business is the crucial factor behind our motivation.

With this partnership, ChannelEngine customers can now benefit from result-oriented services provided by Multiply. Improve your marketing strategy and drive farther your message, your product and your story.

Are you ready to face the challenge? Contact with Multiply through this link and join ChannelEngine to discover our e-commerce perspective. We are dedicated to assisting you with selling more on marketplaces with greater convenience.