Meet WorldFirst: Get a better exchange rate

Meet WorldFirst: Get a better exchange rate

ChannelEngine is pleased to announce that we have joined hands with WorldFirst enabling customers to open local currency accounts to collect funds from global marketplaces like Amazon at a better exchange rate. WorldFirst facilitates fast and secure money transfers which save time and money for businesses who operate in different currencies.

With ChannelEngine, the integration, optimization, and automation of online sales are easily carried out on several national and international markets at the same time. Similarly, WorldFirst has helped over 60,000 marketplace sellers access convenient foreign exchange rates to save money and bring overseas earnings home.

As a ChannelEngine customer, you can now save money on international transfers by opening a free currency account via this link This will help you save time and costs associated with international transfers. You will also be able to access and manage from one platform or through a brand new app using one single sign-on.

Are you ready to operate globally as a local? ChannelEngine is dedicated to assisting you with selling more on marketplaces with greater convenience. Have more questions about this? Contact us at