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Express webshop interface

Express is a fashion-forward apparel brand and style community with a purpose of creating confidence and inspiring self-expression. They offer a wide range of clothing, from wardrobe essentials to the latest trends, to outfit doers, makers, movers, and shakers, with designs crafted for real-life versatility. At Express, the belief is that everyone should dream big and dress accordingly, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique style and showcase their personalities through fashion.
203M annual visits
8M$ in marketplace demand
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ChannelEngine x Express

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A curated marketplace for Fashion and more

Labels We Love is a thoughtfully curated marketplace that encompasses small businesses, women's and men's apparel, home goods, accessories, wellness brands, and more. It aims to connect customers with new styles and products, providing a diverse and exciting shopping experience. These complementary labels coexist harmoniously with the Express e-commerce assortment and are regularly highlighted in timely curations. Additionally, they are showcased through the Express site, email, app, and social media marketing, allowing customers to explore and engage with a wide array of unique and fashionable offerings.