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Sprinter is a prominent brand in the sports retail industry, specializing in athletic apparel, footwear, and equipment. By integrating your systems with ChannelEngine, you can showcase your products in a dedicated sports retail environment without any manual efforts.
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Sprinter, the undisputed leader in the Iberian sports ecommerce market, stands tall as a powerhouse in the industry. With a multi-brand, multi-sport, and multi-experience sports platform, Sprinter is dedicated to supporting athletes of all levels in their pursuit of sporting excellence. As a trusted partner, Sprinter empowers individuals to enjoy any sport, anytime, and anywhere, all while catering to their unique preferences.
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Empowering Athletes to Reach Their Full Potential


With an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional experiences, Sprinter ensures that athletes can embrace their chosen sport in the way that suits them best. Whether it's through innovative online shopping, personalized recommendations, or expert guidance, Sprinter strives to create an environment where athletes can thrive and unlock their full potential. Join Sprinter's vibrant community and elevate your sporting journey with the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts.