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Manor attracts over 50 million visits per year, making it a popular destination for online shoppers. With 20% of the Swiss population visiting the site each month, it has a significant reach and impact on the market. Furthermore, Manor boasts a large and active customer base, with over 1.45 million active online customers. This demonstrates the platform's strong presence and appeal to a wide audience, positioning it as a leading online shopping platform in Switzerland.

Fulfillment by Merchant
50+ million yearly visits on
1.45M+ active online customers
Supports B2C sales


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Swiss Market Experts with High Visibility and Dedicated Support

With over 100 years of experience in the Swiss market, Manor offers valuable insights and expertise to its partners. The brand enjoys high visibility both offline and online, providing excellent exposure for products and brands. Moreover, Manor offers a competitive marketplace commission, providing a mutually beneficial arrangement for both partners and the platform. By partnering with Manor, businesses can leverage their market knowledge, visibility, and support to optimize their presence and sales in Switzerland.