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Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla., SalonCentric was established by L’Oreal USA in 2008. It is the premier distributor of salon products in the U.S., dedicated to connecting licensed salon professionals with the finest brands, education, technology, and support necessary to transform their businesses into beauty destinations. The company's passion lies in facilitating this connection and providing salon professionals with the resources they need to excel in their careers and create exceptional beauty experiences for their clients.

eComm AOV (Average Order Value) for the last 12 months: $238
Average customer spend: $913
Sellers on Site: 100 to 499
Over 1.1 million app downloads
B2B sales
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ChannelEngine x SalonCentric

Order handling

Empowering professionals with exclusive pricing and beauty license verification

One of the distinctive features of SalonCentric's marketplace is its exclusive Professional Pricing system. In order to ensure that their customers receive the best prices and deals, the product pricing is featured behind a secure login. This login process allows SalonCentric to verify the professional credentials of their customers, ensuring that only licensed salon professionals have access to special pricing and promotions.  Additionally,  SalonCentric has implemented an essential requirement for customers to provide a valid beauty license. This requirement applies both to in-store purchases and when shopping through their website or mobile app.