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Truffaut webshop interface

Truffaut is a French Marketplace that specializes in products for your garden, pet, plants, and home. To ensure customer satisfaction, Truffaut exclusively sells its products in France and maintains a strict standard of quality and adherence to product categories. The company recognizes the importance of providing product descriptions and customer service in French, as its customer base is entirely French.

65 gardening shops in France
30K+ yearly orders
30M+ yearly visitors
150+ active sellers
Supports B2C sales
Fulfillment services available to sellers


Order handling

Truffaut's Bicentenary Commitments: Towards 100% Sustainability

As Truffaut approaches its 200th anniversary in 2024, the company sees this milestone as an opportunity to address the ecological challenges that society faces today. In 2019, Truffaut established the "Bicentennial Commitments" plan to achieve 100% sustainability in their operations. Leveraging their rich history where the living has always been a central aspect of their business, Truffaut builds upon their 10-year track record of environmental and social achievements.