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BestSecret webshop interface

BestSecret is a leading European online destination for off-price fashion. The group's focus lies in offering premium and luxury apparel from around 3,000 international brands. Across 27 countries in Europe, the company provides highly desirable fashion items at attractive discounts within a premium shopping environment.

Strong track record of profitable growth over many years
Revenues of EUR 1,051 million in 2022
Fullfilment by Merchant
Supports B2C sales

ChannelEngine x BestSecret

Order handling

A sustainable and exclusive fashion marketplace

At the same time, BestSecret facilitates its brand partners in clearing overstock at scale while ensuring minimum visibility and maximum brand equity protection. It achieves this through a flexible combination of a wholesale model and Curated Platform. The uniqueness of its business model stems from several key factors like: Invitation-only Customer Membership:, longstanding brand partner and customer relationships, a tech-focused mindset and an inherently sustainable value proposition. 

By integrating these elements, BestSecret has carved a distinctive niche for itself in the market, providing a highly curated and exclusive shopping environment that benefits both its customers and brand partners.