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Katchin is a groundbreaking global marketplace designed exclusively for jewelry and watches. Crafted with the accessory enthusiast in mind, Katchin serves as a comprehensive one-stop destination, uniting some of the most coveted names in the industry. This unique platform offers curated content and style guides, providing valuable insights into the diverse range of styles and brands available. Brought to life with the support of the FOSSIL GROUP, Katchin represents a remarkable fusion of innovation and style, redefining the way individuals discover and engage with jewelry and watch collections from around the world.
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Authentic Jewelry and Watch Shopping for Gen Z

Katchin stands out as the pioneer Full Price Marketplace solely dedicated to the watch and jewelry categories. Our unwavering focus is on engaging the Gen Z demographic, the youngest and most dynamic consumers in the market. We recognize that content is key in reaching this audience, and our platform is driven by a commitment to delivering captivating and informative content. At the heart of the Katchin shopping experience lies authentic brand storytelling, an essential element that brings our curated collections to life, creating a unique and engaging journey for our customers.

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