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Beerwulf webshop interface

Beerwulf is a specialized marketplace focused on beer and home bar categories. They offer a diverse selection of beer cases, making it easy for enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite brews at home. Additionally, Beerwulf fosters a vibrant community of beer lovers and provides curated home bar essentials for those seeking to elevate their drinking experiences.

15+ sellers
300+ products
B2C/B2B sales
Supports BFulfillment by Merchant2C sales


Order handling

Connecting Beer Enthusiasts and Sellers

The Beerwulf Marketplace aims to establish a trusted and expertly built platform, connecting beer enthusiasts with a diverse range of sellers. When selling on the Beerwulf Marketplace, you gain access to a large, active base of beer lovers, along with the autonomy and flexibility to set your assortment and pricing. You also benefit from inclusion in promotions and campaigns, receiving personalized support from the Marketplace team—experts with years of experience in e-commerce and the beer industry. Moreover, you have the opportunity to leverage other services within the business, such as marketing, logistics, and customer care, as well as access valuable data insights on sales and online traffic.