Our people in the spotlight - Mark Houtman joins ChannelEngine as Global Director of Delivery

Our people in the spotlight -  Mark Houtman joins ChannelEngine as Global Director of Delivery

ChannelEngine recently welcomed a new valued member to the team: Mark Houtman. In his role as Global Director of Delivery, Mark will bring his first-hand experience as an ecommerce manager and strategist to coordinate the global implementation and integration of our platform for new customers.

Consumers rarely suspect that all the offers they’re browsing are the result of painstaking research and data-led strategy. But, of course, those working hard behind the scenes know better.

Mark is someone with this ‘backstage knowledge’; a seasoned ecommerce strategist who understands the value of experience and data to grow online sales. His extensive background in ecommerce and digital technologies will help ChannelEngine’s new clients start with a firm foundation.

With a platform like ChannelEngine, ‘product delivery’ is a multi-stage process. Our delivery team guides customers step-by-step through the onboarding and integration process. This process ensures retailers are set up right from the very start, while resolving any ‘teething problems’, should they emerge. Strategy is a key part of this; identifying the right products and channels to start with, before expanding.

This is a critical stage for sellers and Mark’s insights and experience will set clients up for a smooth launch.

“I am thrilled that Mark has recently joined ChannelEngine. He brings a valuable set of skills to the Global Delivery team, gained from his entrepreneurial background, extensive experience in managing ecommerce teams, and from implementing successful ecommerce business models for established brands & retailers. Mark understands the deep significance of achieving long-term success for our customers. This, combined with his first-hand knowledge of how to achieve it with our platform, makes him an invaluable asset.”

Margit Haalebos, VP Operations and Learning at ChannelEngine

We recently sat down with Mark to see how he’s settling in and get his perspective on what drives ecommerce success. We learned how Mark’s own experience led him to help others get the most from marketplaces, and what drew him to ChannelEngine to continue on this path.

Delivering customer satisfaction

Mark’s journey into ecommerce began in 2008, as co-owner and ecommerce manager of a well-respected B2C platform: parfumoutlet.nl. Building the business, Mark and his team were responsible for all facets of digital strategy and online sales growth that turned the platform into a significant player in the Benelux region.

Before joining ChannelEngine, he gained extensive experience in previous strategic and leadership roles at companies such as Van Gils Fashion, Sunweb Group and the D-rt Group.

Experience like this simply cannot be taught; Mark is a true ecommerce expert who can help others thrive in this competitive arena.

With a holistic understanding of what it takes to succeed, Mark will bring his expert vision to the global delivery team.

“I’m feeling energized about joining this amazing, growing company. It’s got a great atmosphere, with many bright minded, ambitious people who work hard to deliver success for retailers, brands and manufacturers. As Global Director of Delivery I will optimize the delivery of our product, starting with the Onboarding and Integration process, so our clients start with a solid foundation for growing their ecommerce business using our solution.”

Mark Houtman, Global Director of Delivery at ChannelEngine

Don’t fear the unknown, embrace the opportunity

Mark comes to ChannelEngine with the perspective of a satisfied customer. When working in a previous role as Ecommerce Director, Mark used ChannelEngine and was impressed with the onboarding and integration process. Within a couple of months, the company was achieving remarkable results and expanding sales rapidly through new channels.

This positive experience with ChannelEngine, its product, and culture left a lasting impression on him.

And now, he’s back for more. So, what does Mark think of working at ChannelEngine - and has it lived up to his expectations?

Find out in the interview below!

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