5 reasons to shop online

The history of e-commerce is braided with the history of the internet. Three decades ago, the use of the internet was uncommon and only popular amongst 0.4% of the world’s population. The notion of buying ‘online’ was not considered safe and realistic.

The future of omnichannel e-commerce: AR & VR?

Few industries are as dynamic and fast-changing in recent years as E-commerce. Inside of a strong competitive environment, e-commerce players adopt strategies that could be used as differentiation factors. At ChannelEngine, we always look for new ways to potentiate our customers, exploring new cutting-edge technology and its possible application for e-commerce.

How to be Successful During the eCommerce Holiday Season

Perfect preparations prevent poor performance. The coming period is known as one in which sales are continually rising sharply compared to the rest of the year. Not only holidays like Singles Day and Christmas are responsible for this growth, but new trends taking over Europe like ‘Black Friday’ (23 Nov), ‘Cyber Monday’ (26 Nov) and ‘Green Monday’ (10 Dec) are also quickly becoming very big and popular high sales days. These quick tips will help you stay on top of it all.

Marketplace integration platform raises EUR 1.1 M in funding for international expansion

ChannelEngine helps brands, retailers and wholesalers to sell their products on multiple online marketplaces at the same time through one e-commerce integration and management suite. The EUR 1.1M investment round has been led by Airbridge Equity Partners. With this investment round Rick van Boekel, the founder of Dutch leading Marketplace, will enter ChannelEngine’s board.

With the increasing importance of marketplaces, ChannelEngine has seen it’s growth rate increase over the past years. The Dutch Scale-Up will use the growth capital to expand the team, strengthen its technological lead and accelerate its International expansion.

Marketplace-integratieplatform haalt EUR 1.1 M groeikapitaal op voor internationale expansie


ChannelEngine, het platform voor marketplace-integratie, heeft nieuwe funding opgehaald. Airbridge Equity Partners en enkele informal investors investeren in totaal  EUR 1.1 miljoen in het bedrijf om versnelde internationale groei mogelijk te maken. Vanuit de nieuwe investeerders zal Rick van Boekel als board member toetreden bij ChannelEngine. Van Boekel was in 1999 vanuit Bertelsmann de oprichter van

Met het toenemende belang van marketplaces is ChannelEngine afgelopen 1,5 jaar bijzonder snel gegroeid. De in Leiden gevestigde Scale-Up zal het groeikapitaal inzetten voor uitbreiding van het team, versteviging van de technologische voorsprong en verdere internationale uitbreiding. 

Benefit from Amazon Prime day by being creative

On July 16th, Amazon’s 4th prime day will start. Where it started as one day full of discounts, it’s now extended to be a 36-hour long discount rain not only for Amazon itself but also for 3rd party sellers who’ve seen their sales grow with 50 to 200% on previous Prime days. Unfortunately, the deadlines for creating big prime deals are already over, but you can still benefit.

Amazon business B2B marketplace recently expanded to France, Italy and Spain

Amazon’s B2B marketplace is spreading and taking over Europe. After their launch in Germany and the UK in 2017, they’ve added France, Italy and Spain to the list. This B2B platform called Amazon Business is specially created for B2B sellers to make it easy to reach their business customers. With special features like VAT-free pricing, bulk pricing and VAT invoicing. Do you sell B2B products but not on Amazon business yet? Keep on reading, we’ll explain the benefits of this marketplace.

ChannelEngine and Wish are joining forces

Customers of ChannelEngine can now also sell their products on the mobile marketplace Wish. Wish is the number 1 mobile marketplace in North America and Europe with 350 million users worldwide, accounting for 2.4 million purchases per day. Over half of the users are European, compared with only 2% of the sellers. Through ChannelEngine, European vendors can increase the range of Wish Express products, products that can be delivered within 5 days, in Europe. This ensures speedier delivery times for European users.

4 E-commerce trends to follow in 2018

December and January are always the months when people share lists of predictions for the next year. The question is of course whether or not predictions coming true has anything to do with the lists or real trends. But we’ve gone through these lists and collected a few possible trends you might want to use this year.

Mobile marketplace Wish, the growing importance of mobile e-commerce and how you can benefit

In December we’ve connected ChannelEngine to Wish. Although we are happy with every partnership and every channel we can add to our list, Wish might be one that comes at the right time for a lot of sellers. Wish is a mobile-optimized marketplace, and with the fast growth of mobile use and sales, it’s worth it to take a closer look at this marketplace and the mobile growth. We give you a few tips on how to reach this growing mobile audience.

Body & Fit en ChannelEngine starten samenwerking

De sportvoeding en dieetproducten van Body & Fit zullen binnenkort te koop zijn op marktplaatsen als Amazon, Cdiscount en Na een gedetailleerde uitvraag bij bekende partijen ten aanzien van marketplace integraties en verkoop kiest Body & Fit voor een samenwerking met ChannelEngine uit Leiden. Doel is om de cross border sales via marktplaatsen in Europa verder uit te breiden.

5 Ways to attract customers to your shop in Q4

Last time we gave you 4 tips on how to kick-start the holiday season with black friday. We promised to find more detailed tips and original ideas to stand out, so here we go. This time we focus on how to attract customers to your shop.

4 Tips to successfully kick-start the holiday season with black friday

Kick-start the holiday season with black friday, an originally American concept that’s taking over the world. With the addition of cyber monday it’s now a weekend full of discounts with people waiting in line. Waiting in line before a shop opens changed into scoring the best deals online in the comfort of your own home. Although offline shops still attract a lot of people every year, the shift to online shopping made it possible for black friday to grow to a worldwide phenomenon. The kick-off will take place on november 24th this year, but to be successful you have to start right now.

Running a business or just running?

Are you looking for a new way to outrun your online competition? Or trying to find new partnerships with other e-commerce businesses? Put on your running shoes and join the Ecommercerun in Utrecht on october 15 2017.

Wholesale businesses’ succes on international marketplaces.

For years there’s been a growth in small webstores who’d rather not store their own products. As a result, a commonly asked question to suppliers was whether they could ‘ dropship’, directly delivering their products to the customer. Because of this question a big part of professional wholesale businesses and brands altered their logistical processes to be able to ship directly to the final customer.

Just Launched: Magento 2.0 connector for European Marketplaces

Sell your products on multiple online marketplaces at the same time through E-Commerce integration. Increase your online presence and outsmart your competition by attracting a bigger audience.

Starting today you can instantly connect your Magento 2.0 platform to Amazon,, cdiscount, Spartoo and many more European marketplaces through ChannelEngine. launches new website

It’s been two and a half year since ChannelEngine and the website went live. With our team and business constantly growing, it is necessary to make sure that our website is in line with what we offer.

Responsive checkout voor klanten

Waar op dit moment nog aparte checkouts gebruikt voor mobiele en niet-mobiele gebruikers, zal de internet webwinkel binnen enkele weken de verschillende checkouts samenvoegen. Het gevolg hiervan is een responsive checkout, wat zorgt voor optimale gebruiksvriendelijkheid, of men nu winkelt via mobiel, tablet of PC.

Fusie Ahold en Delhaize: kansen voor

Begin mei maakte Ahold bekend in gesprek te zijn met het Belgische supermarktconcern Delhaize. In een persbericht, uitgegeven door zowel Ahold als Delhaize, werd gesproken over ‘inleidende gesprekken’. “Deze gesprekken kunnen wel of niet resulteren in een toekomstige transactie”, aldus de supermarktgiganten. cost per click terug van weggeweest, dat dagelijks bezocht wordt door 500.000 bezoekers, besloot vorig jaar te stoppen met de zogenaamde klikvergoedingen  en in plaats daarvan gebruik te maken van verkoopcommissies. Het bedrijf komt hier echter op terug door de lancering van een ‘vernieuwd’ account op basis van cost per click, kortweg cpc.

Amazon sluit AmazonSupply en lanceert Amazon Business Marketplace

In 2012 lanceerde een B2B e-commerce platform, AmazonSupply. Dit platform bood in 2014 al meer dan 2 miljoen producten aan in 17 verschillende categorieën. Insiders waren bezorgd over de impact dat het bestaan van dit platform zou kunnen hebben op de 35000 distributiebedrijven, veelal regionale – en familiebedrijfjes, die Amerika rijk is.

De toekomst van het shoppen

Moordende concurrentie, dalende winkelverkoop via de traditionele kanalen en de nog steeds sudderende economische problemen maken dat al veel retailers hun faillissement hebben moeten aanvragen. Deze trend zal de komende jaren voort worden gezet, mede door het feit dat retailers zich veelal door hypes laten leiden.

PayPal blijft lucratief voor eBay

EBay doet goede zaken. Waar het bedrijf in het eerste kwartaal van vorig jaar nog een verlies had van $2,3 miljard, heeft eBay in hetzelfde kwartaal van dit jaar een winst van $626 miljoen weten te behalen. De aandelen van het moederbedrijf van Marktplaats stegen met 5% als gevolg van de positief uitgevallen kwartaalcijfers. lancering op Webwinkelvakdagen 2014

Afgelopen maanden is er hard gewerkt aan de release van ChannelEngine. Dinsdag 21 januari is deze site live gegaan. Er is bijna een jaar lang hard ontwikkeld en afgelopen maanden hebben er verschillende webshops en leveranciers in de beta omgeving succesvol gedraaid.

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