partners with Intershop partners with Intershop and Intershop have recently linked together to provide their clients with more excellent service. Are you a wholesaler or manufacturer? We are here to help you exceed your goal in online sales! Our leading e-commerce solution offers new opportunities in sales and service. More than 300 companies around the world already trust in Intershop. It's your turn now! Start your own e-commerce success story.

The future is digital. Moreso, the future is a constant stream of connected data in a digitized society. Customers no longer need to educate themselves, research on their own for the best prices and offerings. The customer of the future will be used to being served: served with personalized offerings, perfect services, and the best price. Companies who understand that and jump on the winning train will win the race. Those who collect the right data and match it with customer needs will grow faster. Those who sell products at multiple marketplaces will sell more. Those who rely on shop software which handles traffic peaks best will be returned to.

ChannelEngine understands that potential and provides an effortless stream of data to multiple marketplaces. To enable sellers to serve their customers best is what we count on. But we don't stop at focusing on ourselves. Our knowledge about marketplaces and connected data is something that we build partnerships on. One of our partners is Intershop. The company is known for its B2B-focused commerce solution that Forrester states as "a leader in B2B".

Synchronized data, full integration of tools, the importance to mirror your information on click & ad channels, as well as product feeds and connected data, is one of the pillars of success. Reliable shop software is one of the others. Let's bring them together, and "Let's turn good into great."

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