Selling on Target Plus (or Target+): A Comprehensive Guide

Andy Foot
31 May 2024
Boost your business with our guide to selling on Target Plus. Learn benefits, application process, and tips to streamline operations.

Selling on Target Plus (Target+) can substantially boost your business by broadening your audience and increasing revenues. This guide explains everything you need to know about Target's exclusive online marketplace, including its advantages, how to apply, and how to use the platform efficiently with tools like ChannelEngine.

What is Target Plus?

Target launched Target Plus, a curated, invite-only online marketplace, in 2019. It enables third-party vendors to sell their products on, utilizing the retailer's large consumer base and brand name. As of 2023, has over 200 million monthly visits, making it one of the top online retail destinations in the United States (93% of visitors are US-based). 

The marketplace supplements Target's in-store offers by providing a diverse choice of products across all categories, creating a smooth shopping experience for customers.

Its exclusivity distinguishes Target Plus from other ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, or Lowe's. Unlike platforms that allow any third-party seller, Target Plus carefully selects its partners and the products they offer. 

This selective process enables Target to ensure that online shoppers are connected with only high-quality products and top-tier sellers, maintaining the high standards customers expect from the brand.

What are the advantages of selling on Target Plus?

Selling on Target Plus provides various benefits that can help your business develop. By collaborating with one of the largest and most trusted retailers in the United States, you can benefit from Target's broad reach and strong brand reputation to improve your own business opportunities. Here are the primary benefits:

Access to a large and dedicated customer base

One of the most notable advantages of selling on Target Plus is access to Target's vast consumer base. receives more than 200 million monthly visitors, presenting vendors with a large and diverse audience.

Almost 20% of Target's sales come from online channels, with peaks during the holiday season. The customer base is large and highly engaged with the brand, meaning they are always looking for new products and ready to purchase. Sellers can expect higher conversion rates from their listings from an engaged customer base.

Association with a Trusted Brand

Selling on Target Plus connects your company to one of the most respected and recognizable retailers in the United States. Target frequently performs well in customer satisfaction and trust polls. According to an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) poll conducted in 2023, Target received an excellent 78 out of 100 customer satisfaction. 

This relationship can dramatically boost your brand's legitimacy and encourage customer confidence, which is critical for increasing sales and encouraging repeat business. For example, Casper and Harry's have successfully used their Target Plus presence to increase market and consumer loyalty.

Opportunities for Brand Visibility

Target Plus is a more selective marketplace, with fewer vendors than giants like Amazon and eBay. This exclusivity increases your brand's visibility and reduces competition, allowing your products to stand out. For example, there are fewer Target Plus sellers than there are on Amazon, where millions of sellers fight for attention. 

This lower competition on Target Plus will result in more opportunities for your products to be seen by potential customers. Additionally, Target frequently promotes its marketplace sellers through marketing channels, such as email newsletters and social media, increasing your exposure.

Who can sell on Target Plus?

Target meticulously evaluates each prospective Target Plus partner to ensure that the brand and its products adhere to the platform's stringent quality standards. This careful vetting process guarantees that customers receive top-notch products and services. 

To become a Target Plus seller, businesses must meet several specific criteria:

  • Sellers must have a business location in the United States and a bank account there. This assures compliance with domestic laws and efficient operational logistics.
  • Items offered on Target Plus must be priced similarly to those on the seller's other ecommerce platforms. Maintaining pricing parity ensures fairness and consistency for consumers.
  • Sellers must ship all Target Plus orders within 24 hours, with a maximum transit period of 5 days. This turnaround is critical for maintaining customer satisfaction and meeting Target's delivery requirements.
  • Orders placed on Target Plus must be shipped within the United States because the platform does not offer international delivery. This emphasis on domestic shipping simplifies logistics and guarantees consistent delivery dates.

By meeting these rigorous requirements, sellers can join an exclusive marketplace prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction.

How do you start selling on Target Plus?

To get invited to Target Plus, aligning your brand and business practices with Target's high standards is essential. This means consistently delivering high-quality products that meet the expectations of Target's discerning customer base. Your product listings should feature clear, high-quality images with proper lighting and white backgrounds, free from promotional language or misleading information. Transparency in details, such as delivery times, is also crucial.

Additionally, strategic planning of your product assortment can make your brand stand out—focus on offering a diverse yet relevant range of items that fill market gaps and complement Target's existing offerings. Research popular categories, analyze competitor listings, and pay attention to customer reviews to fine-tune your product selection. 

Networking and proactively reaching out to express your interest and showcase your qualifications can also increase your chances of being invited to join this exclusive marketplace.

There is a seller application form that you can submit to Target for consideration. 

Preparation tips for becoming a Target Plus seller

  1. Understand the Target customer demographic and tailor your products as necessary.
  2. Create high-quality listings with professional images and accurate product descriptions.
  3. Ensure your products meet regulatory standards and Target's guidelines to avoid onboarding issues. 
  4. Review the seller application form to ensure you can provide all the required details.

Target Plus requires a combination of invitation, thorough vetting, and strict adherence to Target's high standards.

Navigating Target Plus with ChannelEngine

Selling on Target Plus may bring tremendous opportunities but presents new challenges. Managing product listings, inventories, and orders quickly while adhering to Target's marketplace guidelines is critical for preserving your standing and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

How ChannelEngine Can Help

ChannelEngine is a comprehensive marketplace integration platform designed to simplify the complexities of selling on Target Plus. Here's how it can assist you:

Centralize Management
With ChannelEngine, you can manage listings across multiple marketplaces from a single, user-friendly platform. Centralization helps streamline operations and minimizes the complexity of managing different systems.

Automate Processes
ChannelEngine saves time by automating inventory changes and order processing. This automation guarantees that your stock levels are always accurate and that orders are processed quickly, which is critical for satisfying Target's high fulfillment standards.

Ensure Compliance
Maintaining compliance with Target's standards is crucial for retaining your selling privileges. ChannelEngine supports you in adhering to these requirements by verifying that all of your listings and operations comply with Target's criteria, thereby avoiding any hazards that could harm your business.

By leveraging ChannelEngine, you can navigate the complexities of Target Plus more effectively. The platform's tools and features are designed to streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on growing your sales and enhancing your brand's visibility on Target Plus.

Final thoughts

Selling on Target Plus can accelerate business growth by giving you access to a large customer base and building your brand's credibility. With ChannelEngine's strategic guidance, you can handle the complexity of the marketplace while focusing on increasing your sales. 

Schedule a consultation today to learn how to use Target Plus for your success.