The US marketplace strategy guide

Discover the top marketplaces in The US and how you can start selling on them! We help you build a marketplace strategy and set yourself up for success.

Increase your share of the $757 billion US ecommerce market!


The United States is the most advanced ecommerce market in the world and still presents a huge opportunity for brands. 


The $757 billion US ecommerce market is expected to grow to over $1 trillion by 2027 and the vast majority of this commerce will take place on marketplaces.  


In this ebook we take a look at the top marketplaces in The USA and how to build a winning marketplace strategy.


Key topics we'll explore:


🔎 Create a strong marketplace strategy

We explore what you need to consider when selling on marketplaces, from selling models to marketing investments.


🛒 The top marketplaces in the US

We list the top marketplaces in The US with background information and key stats to help you identify which one you should start selling on.


 📈 Product listings

Ensuring that your listings are optimized with the right keyword research, content, and visuals will make a huge difference to your marketplace success.


👍 Customer service

Providing great customer service across marketplaces is integral element of ecommerce. Partner contribution from eDesk.


⚙️ Automation

The best sellers are highly effective in their workflow management. Discover how automation can supercharge your efficiency!

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Published on 16 April 2024
Courtney Samok
Courtney Samok is the Regional Marketing Manager for North America at ChannelEngine, where she leverages her expertise in marketing strategies and event planning to drive regional growth.
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Courtney Samok