How Nelson Shoes expanded internationally without much hassle

After connecting to, Nelson Shoes has grown significantly. The company has added many new channels and continues to grow, both domestically and internationally.
Key results:
  • They launched sales via Zalando marketplace, Europe's largest online platform for fashion and lifestyle.
  • Nelson Shoes became the first Dutch multi-brand retailer to join Zalando's Partner Program through ChannelEngine.
  • The majority of their products go through Zalando in the Netherlands.
  • Soon, they will expand their digital business to Belgium and Germany.


  • They started selling on NL halfway in 2019
  • BE soon followed
  • They carefully rolled out, focussing on fashion-specific channels
  • Revenue sources significantly grew and are still growing
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Company Overview

Nelson Shoes is a progressive and ambitious family business providing beautiful shoes for women, men, and children since 1949. It offers a wide assortment of the latest trends to optimal wearing comfort.


With more than 100 Nelson stores and booming online sales, Nelson Shoes is one of the largest shoe retailers in the Netherlands. Thanks to the clear omnichannel strategy focused on experience, service, and innovation, the customer is central everywhere, wherever you encounter Nelson.


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The Situation

In 2019 Nelson Shoes decided to work further on the expansion of their revenue sources. With this, there came the need for flexible integration software, which would enable us to develop the business conveniently.


First of all, we had to ensure the dynamic monitoring of prices and returns. On top of that, content optimization became a crucial part of our marketing strategy. To produce relevant marketplace content, we needed to focus on search-proof titles, high-quality product descriptions, and proper product images. So, automated content creation was the next challenge.


The Solution

Pricing concerns used to be the most significant operational pressures. However, with competitor monitoring, product bundling opportunities, and centralized multi-channel management, we could manage adequately priced items for each marketplace without much hassle.


"Once we started to partner with, we considerably grew our business. We're now not only selling our products through our own stores in the Netherlands but also via several marketplaces across Europe," said Robert Herbermann, COO of Nelson Shoes.


We cannot imagine what our business would be like without the use of software like And we have many opportunities that we did not have previously.