How to win the Bol Buy Box in 2024

Timo Sprinkhuizen
05 March 2024
Winning the Buy Box is essential for sellers looking to maximize sales on Bol. Explore everything you need to know to give you the best chances of success!

Bol is a leading ecommerce site in the Netherlands and Belgium, with a years-long market presence and an annual customer base of over 13 million as of 2023. 

In addition to its extensive client base, Bol offers various services to help merchants fully optimize their listings, such as fulfillment services,  allowing Bol to handle product shipments for you. The site lists about 40 million products across numerous categories, similar to major marketplaces like Amazon. 

For sellers on this platform, winning the Bol Buy Box in 2024 is critical to increasing product visibility and sales.

This article examines sellers' strategies to win the Bol Buy Box and why it is essential for ecommerce success.

What is the Bol Buy Box?

The Bol Buy Box (also known as "koopblok") is a dynamic element on Bol product detail pages. It streamlines the purchasing process by allowing users to add products to their baskets or make an immediate purchase with a single click. This box occupies prime real estate on a product page, highlighting the seller providing the best price, shipping, and service combination. 

With several sellers constantly competing for this position, only one can prevail at any given time, making the competition intense and the winning approach critical. Bol actively promotes competition between sellers on the platform as it leads to improved service and customer experience. 

Why is it so important to win the Bol Buy Box?

Dominance in the Buy Box results in increased product visibility and accessibility, which directly influences customer behavior. Since most customers rarely look beyond the Buy Box to find alternative vendors, securing this position can considerably increase sales. Furthermore, it adds confidence and credibility to your goods because Bol practically promotes the Buy Box winner as the best option for consumers.

The Buy Box algorithm

The Bol Buy Box algorithm is an innovative system that evaluates a variety of parameters before deciding which vendor wins the box. These considerations include pricing competitiveness, seller metrics, shipping options, and customer service quality. Understanding and adjusting these criteria can significantly improve your chances of obtaining the Buy Box.

The algorithm constantly changes as Bol looks to find the best deals for customers and optimize the Buy Box. 

‘Price stars’ and the Bol Buy Box

Bol wants to ensure that products sold on its marketplace are competitive with similar products on other channels too. 

To achieve this, Bol uses ‘Price Stars’. It awards a certain amount of stars depending on how competitively priced your product is, in comparison to the market price for that item. If your product is very competitively priced, you receive five stars. If it’s very expensive compared to the market price on other channels, it receives one star. 

How can you win the Bol Buy Box?

To win the Bol Buy Box, prioritize the following areas:

1. Competitive Pricing: Ensure that your pricing is both competitive and sustainable. Monitor your competitors' prices regularly and alter your own to maintain profit margins. Using repricing software that’s compatible with Bol is essential to execute this effectively.

2. Maintain high-performance metrics: Bol places great importance on seller performance. Ensure you have excellent metrics for order defects, cancellations, and late shipment rates. Consistently strong performance increases your chances of winning the Buy Box.

3. Optimize your delivery: Offering speedy, dependable, and reasonably priced delivery choices can increase your appeal to the algorithm and customers, thereby increasing your Buy Box eligibility. The higher you score on service standards, the better the chance of winning the Buy Box.

4. Don’t forget Bol’s Price Stars: Bol wants to ensure that products sold on its marketplace are competitive with similar products on other channels too.To achieve this, Bol uses ‘Price Stars’. It awards a certain amount of stars depending on how competitively priced your product is. Bol’s Buy Box algorithm takes Price Stars into account when deciding the winner (and so does ChannelEngine’s repricing software, when setting your products’ optimal prices).

The weighting of the three factors above can vary by product category. For example, fast delivery significantly impacts daily-use items as customers expect to receive them quickly. However, price is typically a bigger factor for things like furniture as consumers search for the best value. 

Strategies for winning the Buy Box

Several strategies can improve your chance of winning the Bol Buy Box. 

Pricing and repricing

Monitor and customize your pricing approach to be attractive and profitable while bearing in mind the influence of marginal price differences. Consider promos and discounts to make your products more appealing.

The use of repricing tools is an excellent method for maintaining competitive pricing. These technologies automatically alter product prices based on market conditions and competitor pricing strategies. 

Repricers simplify two time-consuming tasks: market research on current pricing, monitoring changes in competitor prices, and automatically making dynamic revisions to your pricing. This saves much human effort while producing the best outcomes for each product.

When your competition runs out of stock or increases prices, your item's price changes immediately. You achieve the highest possible margins without missing a sale.

Staying competitive in real-time increases your chances of winning and holding the Buy Box.

Excellent customer service

It is unacceptable to compromise on providing exceptional customer service. Respond quickly to inquiries and resolve concerns to preserve a high seller rating. Your performance and consumer feedback are closely analyzed, influencing your Buy Box eligibility.

Product availability

Maintain stable stock levels and demonstrate exceptional seller performance. Bol assesses short - and long-term performance criteria and your ability to effectively meet consumer expectations.

Reputable seller profile

For new sellers, earning positive reviews and strong performance scores is critical. While the initial margins may be lower, this foundation can boost your standing, allowing you to modify prices later while maintaining the Buy Box.

Delivery times

The speed and reliability of your delivery are critical. To gain consumer confidence and satisfaction, aim for the quickest delivery times feasible and keep your delivery promises. Remember that the system prioritizes promptness and dependability, influencing your Buy Box status throughout the day.

Final Words

Winning the Bol Buy Box in 2024 requires a multidimensional approach focusing on competitive pricing, fast and dependable delivery, outstanding customer service, and strong seller performance. By carefully adjusting these parameters, sellers can boost their visibility and success on Bol, leveraging the platform's broad reach to create considerable sales growth.

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Published on 05 March 2024
Timo Sprinkhuizen
Timo Sprinkhuizen is the Product Marketing Lead at ChannelEngine. He loves simplifying the complex by creating compelling narratives around advanced products for global audiences. Off the clock, Timo is all about tech, sports, travel, music, and good food.
Timo Sprinkhuizen