Brandsom &

Brandsom & has recently partnered with Brandsom, an expert in selling on marketplaces, from strategy to optimization of product content and marketing. It has a track record of selling for more than seven years on marketplaces helping both, the most successful digital companies in the Netherlands, and global brands. With this partnership, ChannelEngine customers can benefit from full assistance in onboarding their products to all European marketplaces (including Amazon,, LaRedoute, Cdiscount, Zalando, Otto, AboutYou), setting up marketplace fulfillment, and customer service.


Why exactly should you consider Brandsom?


  1.   Strategy

Good strategy defines an optimal use of the opportunities that marketplaces offer. That is why Brandsom will help you to develop a healthy plan and fit it within your organization. Also, it outlines the competencies for successful sales on marketplaces.

  1.   Integration and operation

Brandsom assists in integration with the channel and advises on how to meet the requirements of the marketplaces.

  1.   Content

Since full and optimized content is vital for the findability of products, Brandsom picks the most crucial one for you and arranges the listings to get top-ranked.

  1.   Traffic

You can trust Brandsom with creating Sponsored Products campaigns and generating extra visibility.


Eager to quickly get your products online, optimize your listings and run all operations smoothly? Contact our new partner for tailored, result-oriented approach.