Navigating Amazon Vendor
at scale

Our Amazon Vendor experts take a deep dive into the world of selling 1P, sharing tips on how to save time and manage your presence efficiently.

Managing Amazon Vendor doesn't have to be difficult!

Selling 1P on Amazon is an effective way of reducing your administrative burden. At least it should be!


Unfortunately, managing your presence on Vendor Central can be difficult and time-consuming. This means brands end up either compromising on quality, relying on third-party management, or are forced into time consuming manual work.


In this on demand webinar, Amazon Vendor experts:


  • Björn Schaele, Agency Lead Sponsored Ads DE, Amazon
  • Niels Floors, VP Strategic Partnerships, ChannelEngine
  • Katharina Lurz, Head of Brand Experience (Marketplaces), DEPT

... share tips for brands to optimize their presence on Vendor Central in a streamlined and efficient manner.


Topics include

💻 The importance of Amazon Vendor content: Providing accurate, optimized content is critical to every Amazon seller, vendors included. We take a deep dive into how you can manage every attribute accurately and efficiently.


⚙️ Automating your listings: We explore the possibilities of listing automation for 1P Amazon sellers, without compromising on accuracy or control. 


📈 Content mapping across languages and channels: We show you how to overcome challenges when selling across multiple channels in several languages. 


💡 Key information about Amazon Vendor: Björn Schaele from Amazon shares the key information that brands need to know about!


🚚 Open the door to hybrid fulfillment: Brands that can switch between 1P and 3P models seamlessly have a huge advantage when it comes to maximizing sales and optimizing your stock.



Katharina Lurz-DEPTKatharina Lurz
Head of Brand Experience (Marketplaces)



Björn Schaele-AmazonBjöern Schaele
Agency Lead Sponsored Ads DE


Niels Floors-channelengineNiels Floors
VP of Strategic Development