Insights: Discover new avenues for ecommerce growth

Timo Sprinkhuizen
12 February 2024
Unlock new avenues for growth with Insights: ChannelEngine’s BI add-on for data driven marketplace success. Discover opportunities to improve your multichannel business and centralize data seamlessly. Gain in-depth insights, from Buy Box reporting to granular GMV/AOV analysis. Eliminate the guesswork and maximize your growth.

Unlock ecommerce growth with Insights, a powerful analytics and reporting module from ChannelEngine. It is tailored for multichannel ecommerce and provides a clear overview of your online sales data. The Insights module helps to determine the 'why' behind figures, offering granular insights and configurable reports. Analyze your multichannel sales, returns rates, Buy Box performance, and more, all from a centralized dashboard. 

How are your online sales performing? And what does this say about your performance across multiple channels? Could they be better - and how? 

It's often hard to tell. Most business intelligence and reporting solutions either fail to capture the complete picture or don't offer the granular details needed to optimize individual products' online sales performance. 

Navigating multichannel ecommerce becomes increasingly complex with numerous sales channels and growing sales volumes. Data from marketplaces are often fragmented and presented in different formats, complicating the task of identifying underperformance and strategic improvements.

Unveiling Insights: Made for multichannel ecommerce 

But now, there's a toolkit you can rely on to give a clear picture of your online sales across multiple marketplaces. We're pleased to announce a new add-on to our ChannelEngine platform: the Insights module.  

This powerful analytics and reporting module was made to analyze and overcome the unique challenges of high-volume, multichannel ecommerce. Find opportunities to optimize your marketplace performance and improve profitability by using your own data across every channel you sell on. 


Untapped potential behind your sales figures

The Insights module enables data analysis by aggregating information from all your online sales channels in one central location. You gain a full and granular overview of marketplace performance and clear indications for action at the operational level. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, it becomes crystal clear what channel or product deserves attention. 

The Insights module helps to unlock the untapped potential of your product portfolio - determine the 'why' behind the 'what' of your multichannel sales figures. With the ability to filter, group, and drill down data, you can configure reports that provide the information needed for decision-making, easily shareable with different stakeholders.


What’s in the box? 

Discover the different types of reports the Insights module offers today:   

  • Buy Box reporting: Stay ahead of the competition with deep insights into your Buy Box performance, optimizing pricing strategies for key marketplaces like Amazon and Bol. 

  • Product listings and availability: Instantly see which SKUs or EANs are thriving and which need attention. Get an overview of your entire publication/live listing rates, current validation errors, and the value of the unlisted stock.

  • Granular GMV and AOV analysis: Understand how your sales volumes compare at different scales, dissect them by brand, category, or product, and align them with other factors to increase your GMV and order values.

  • Returns performance and optimization: Reduce returns and associated costs by analyzing return rates and reasons. Take action with clear priorities.

  • Configurable reports: Export configurable reports in easy to use formats to share insights with different stakeholders.


Get started to optimize your marketplace business

Our Insights module is the ideal companion for brands and retailers aiming to increase profit of their marketplace business. It eliminates the guesswork from scaling your online business, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making. As ecommerce evolves, so will the Insights, adapting to the growing needs of sellers over time.

Having successfully piloted Insights with selected brands and retailers, we're excited to extend this feature to all ChannelEngine customers. It's available as part of the Scale package or as an optional add-on to your current subscription level. 


Reach out to our marketplace specialists, and let's discuss how you can use Insights to optimize your ecommerce strategy.
Published on 12 February 2024
Timo Sprinkhuizen
Timo Sprinkhuizen is the Product Marketing Lead at ChannelEngine. He loves simplifying the complex by creating compelling narratives around advanced products for global audiences. Off the clock, Timo is all about tech, sports, travel, music, and good food.
Timo Sprinkhuizen