Marketplace Guide 2024

Discover the 2024 Marketplace Guide (made in conjunction with ChannelX) which explores 50 marketplaces that can help you extend your reach, showcase your products to fresh audiences and establish new sales channels.

Selecting the right marketplace is crucial, given the significant time and resources required for a successful integration and launch. Our comprehensive guide in partnership with Channel X is designed to streamline this process by providing detailed insights and analyses on 50 key marketplaces from around the globe.


This curated selection will help you navigate the complexities of various platforms and identify those that best align with your business, making your decision-making process easier and more efficient.


Key topics we'll explore:


🔎 A comprehensive overview of 50 key marketplaces: Information on seller registration, specific channel requirements, product listings and fulfilment.


🧮 Discover several new entrants to the marketplace sector: Find out about new names in the marketplace space like Tesco and Temu!

🔎Essential information on the latest retailer-led marketplaces: Insights on how to get started with retailers such as Debenhams, B&Q and Tesco and gain access to a vast & loyal customer base.

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