Ecommerce in Europe made easy: A blueprint for US companies

Are you ready to unlock success in the thriving European online shopping landscape, covering from market trends to marketplace selection?

Avoid common pitfalls with our step-by-step guide to expansion into Europe


Europe is a market of over 564 million affluent consumers. It's currently less competitive than North America, but growing at a 8% compound annual growth rate.


This makes it a highly attractive destination for North American brands looking to find new areas for growth.


Forward-thinking brands need to start looking into expansion into Europe sooner rather than later, before competition makes a successful entry more difficult.


In this ebook, we explore everything that North American brands need to do to make their expansion into Europe a success, including:


🔍 Preparation masterclass Understand the key things to consider ahead of your European expansion journey, in conjunction with our partner 10XCrew.


🖥️ Product listing requirements: Find out how to ensure you're listings resonate with European consumers so you generate the sales boost you're looking for.


🚚 Fulfillment: Getting your products to consumers is a crucial consideration for companies looking to start selling in Europe. Find out everything you need to consider, with Salesupply.


💼 How to be tax compliant: VAT and tax regulations doesn't have to be daunting! Our partner Avalara explains everything you need to know when expanding into Europe from North America, in simple terms!



Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, this guide is your compass to navigate the complex terrain of international ecommerce. Learn from those who've done it, avoid common mistakes, and set your business up for global success.


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