Amazon product detail page: Everything you need to know

Optimize Amazon product pages for better sales: check out everything you need to know to create a highly optimized product detail page that converts!
Learn how to optimize your Amazon product detail page to boost search ranking, increase conversions, and promote brand awareness. Key elements include brand name, product title, ratings, bullet points, price, Buy Box, images, videos, A+ Content, and product details. Maximize each section to attract customers and drive sales effectively.

Millions of products are sold on Amazon every day, from what is known as the Amazon product detail page, or product listing. All of the components featured on this page are critical for converting customers. 


While Amazon handles the ecommerce automation once customers add your product to their carts, sellers and vendors must ensure their product detail pages are optimized to drive those sales.


In this blog, we discuss the various elements of the Amazon product detail page and provide optimization tips for each section. 



What is the Amazon product detail page?


When shoppers search for a product on Amazon, they are presented with options on the search results page. When they click on one of those options, they're brought to the product detail page for that specific item. 


For sellers, this is the page where you highlight your product's features, benefits, and other details through text and visuals in different sections as one scrolls down the page. When all of these elements, like the title, bullets, customer reviews, and more, are optimized effectively, it provides these advantages:


  • Boost product’s search ranking
  • Increases conversions
  • Improves the efficiency of PPC campaigns
  • Promote customer loyalty and brand awareness


How to optimize key elements of the product detail page 


Let's review each section of the Amazon product detail page and how each contributes to attracting customers and driving conversions.


Brand name

The brand name appears under the product title and links to the Amazon store. Highlighting the product’s brand name is essential for building brand awareness and driving traffic to your Amazon store to cross-sell additional products. 



Optimization tips: While the brand name has its own dedicated space on the listing, also be sure to feature it in other areas, like the bullets, A+ content, and images.



Product title

The product title is one of the most pivotal parts of your listing. Amazon measures the relevance of your title against customer searches to determine if and where your product appears in search results. Including relevant SEO keywords in your title is essential.


On the customer side, they see the title and main image on their search results page, along with the titles of competing products. The goal is to get customers to click on the title, which takes them directly to the product detail page, and then they're one step closer to purchasing. 



Optimization tips: Create a title under 200 characters that displays the product’s name, primary features, and any features that differentiate it from the competition. Remember that only the first 70 characters are shown to customers using a mobile device.



Ratings and reviews

This section lets shoppers see a snapshot of how customers who have previously purchased the product feel about it. The product’s average rating is shown on a scale of 1-5 stars, and the number of ratings is how many reviews the product has received. Both appear under the title and brand name and link directly to the Customer Reviews section at the bottom.




The more reviews a product has, the better, and it serves as social proof to drive more purchases from other customers. Amazon sellers cannot influence their products’ reviews. However, you can use post-purchase ecommerce technologies that encourage customers to leave a review after the product is received. 


Optimization tips: Try to respond to negative reviews and feedback, offering solutions when possible. Often, a customer will change their review from negative to positive if you provide excellent customer service and a free product replacement or refund if warranted.



Bullet points

Also referred to as the product features section, this is where the product is described in detail and includes relevant SEO keywords. This section helps shoppers make informed buying decisions by laying out pertinent information about the product, presented in an easy-to-read, bulleted format.



Optimization tips: Keep each bullet under 250 characters and use headers to summarize the feature or benefit highlighted in that bullet to make it easier for shoppers to skim. 




Price appears under the title and above the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons on the right. A product's price is an important aspect of selling. If priced too low, it could give the impression that it lacks quality. But if priced too high, it could turn away customers who can find a better deal within their budget. 



Optimization tips: Research and develop a sound pricing strategy that reflects the product's value while also staying competitive and profitable. Repricing software helps you to set the optimal price automatically.



Buy Box

When multiple sellers sell the same exact product, only one seller is awarded the Buy Box at a time. When the Buy Box is yours, the “Sold by” section lists your seller name, with the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons appearing right above.



To win the Buy Box, your Amazon Seller account must be in good health. Amazon’s algorithm selects the seller based on factors that are better for customers, like which one offers the best price, has the fastest shipping, and the highest seller rating.  


Optimization tips: Maintain your stock levels, improve your seller rating, and keep your product’s return and defect rates low. You're also more likely to get the Buy Box if you're an Amazon FBA seller. Price also plays a big role in determining which seller wins the Buy Box, so repricing software is highly recommended.




Images hold a lot of weight in a customer’s buying decision. Photos showing the product from different angles, lifestyle shots of people using the product, and infographics can help your product stand out.


The product detail page displays up to 7 images, including the main product image. Except for the main image, the others appear as clickable thumbnails. You may upload up to 9 photos, but the last two are only seen when a customer clicks on the gallery. 



Optimization tips: High-quality, professional images are a must in a competitive marketplace. Consider hiring a professional who specializes in product photography to show your item in the most appealing manner.




Videos are effective at driving sales. Not only does video have the ability to showcase your product in greater depth, but it also improves the customer experience. On the product detail page, videos appear as the last thumbnail in the images section, as shown in the screenshot above.


Many consumers today prefer video as it gives them a quick way to gain a better understanding of a product instead of reading a long text description.


Optimization tips: Create a short video no longer than 60 seconds to highlight the product's top features and show the product in use.



Amazon A+ Content 

A+ Content appears further down the product detail page. This is where Amazon brand-registered sellers can use multimedia content⎯images, text, banners, graphs, comparison charts and more⎯and share their brand story, company mission, and other information that connects with customers. 


A+ Content can be designed to match the brand’s style and is excellent for establishing a brand’s identity apart from its competitors. 


Optimization tips: Incorporate visuals showing the product’s uses, cross-sell your brand’s other products using comparison charts, and communicate purpose-driven initiatives.



Product details

This section in the middle of the listing page provides specifics on the product, including its measurements, model number, best seller rank, customer ratings, and more.



This information is filled out through the backend when editing your product detail page under the "More Details" tab. The details you provide help Amazon’s algorithm filter your product for customer searches. 


Optimization tips: Fill out as much information as possible here. If any specifications are missing, it could raise a red flag on the product’s value. 



Final words

The content on your Amazon product detail page should provide everything customers need to make an informed purchase decision. Now that you understand the various components and the importance of each, you can create optimized product listings that successfully convert customers and drive profitability. 


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