Amazon A+ Content: Everything you need to know

Amazon A+ Content elevates listings with visuals, text, and modules for higher sales. Follow guidelines. Examples demonstrate effective strategies.
Amazon A+ Content allows brand sellers to enhance product listings with images, text, and modules, boosting engagement and sales by conveying unique features and brand stories. Guidelines include file types, image quality, substantiated claims, and more. Examples showcase effective content, such as visuals illustrating product uses, cross-selling, personal CEO message, and purpose-driven branding.

Brands selling on Amazon need to have a distinctive presence that captures customer attention. When hundreds of similar products are competing for the same shoppers,  the quality of your listings become critical to your success. Brands that can take full advantage of Amazon A+ Content, give themselves the best chance of standing out from the crowd. 


Below is a breakdown of why Amazon A+ Content is so important, its guidelines, and some A+ Content examples that exemplify best practices.



What is Amazon A+ Content?


A+ Content is a tool that allows you to create your own narrative with images and compelling copy. Accessible to Amazon’s brand registered sellers and previously known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC),  it enables you to highlight your product’s unique features and share your brand story.


A+ Content offers different modules you can pick from, you then have creative freedom to use images and text that tell more about your product and brand. This is where you can go deeper into the product’s benefits, talk about your company’s mission, and show different uses for the product.


Content included can be the brand logo, high-resolution images (including lifestyle and in-action shots) banners, infographics, slideshows, product carousels, 360-product views, comparison charts, and more.


Amazon A+ Content appears on the product listing page below the bullet points. Depending on the product category and whether shopping on desktop or mobile device, A+ Content may replace the product description or appear in addition to the product description. 



Why is A+ Content so important?


A+ Content gives brands a place to shine on their product detail pages. While the titles, bullets, and production descriptions all follow the same format across your competitors’ listings, A+ Content is the one opportunity you have to stand out and show shoppers all they need to know about the product and the brand.


When executed well, A+ Content is proven to increase conversions. Amazon reported that incorporating A+ Content can increase product sales by an average of 3% to 10%.


Having eye-catching imagery and informative text allows customers to learn as much as possible about product before purchasing. With detailed descriptions, images, and graphics, shoppers know what they are getting and can buy with confidence. This results in a lower return rate and reduces negative reviews from misinformed customers.


By creating quality content, brands can connect with their customers on a more personal level, address their pain points, show how the product provides practical solutions, and give more reasons why they should hit the buy button.


A+ Content promotes customer engagement and builds trust in your brand. So be sure to portray your product in its best light with visually appealing, informative content that proactively addresses any questions or concerns a customer may have.



Amazon A+ Content guidelines


It’s important to adhere to Amazon’s guidelines on what types of content are permitted and what to avoid. By not following these guidelines, you could risk Amazon rejecting your A+ Content or even potential removal of the product listing.


Some essential guidelines to follow are:


Image file types supported are: .jpg, .bmp, and .png in the RGB colorspace


No animated images (for example, .GIF) allowed


Individual files must be under 2 MB. Resolution should be at least 72 dpi


No blurry or low-quality images and images with watermarks or small text that is unreadable 


Cannot mention awards received more than 2 years ago, and must include a note in the text with the date when the award was given


Certification claims like recommended by, certified, tested, approved, proven, must be substantiated by a note in the text with supporting details


No environmental claims like “eco-friendly,” “biodegradable,” and “compostable,” or their symbols. Claims that a product is “recyclable” or ”ecological” must be substantiated by a note in the text with supporting information


No satisfaction or rating claims, like “100% satisfaction guaranteed,” "top-rated," "best-selling," etc.


No warranty or guarantee information


Any violations of Amazon policies, including restricted product policiescategory requirements, or program policies are prohibited


Do not reference or compare your products with competitors


Comparison charts can only compare against your brand’s other products


No hyperlinks, external web links, or language attempting to redirect to other pages or sites, on or off Amazon

The full list of Amazon’s A+ Content guidelines can be found here.



Examples of Amazon A+ Content


We handpicked a few A+ Content examples below, along with a brief description of why each one deserves a callout.


1. Patelai 5-In-1 Slotted Spoon 

Amazon-Patelai 5-In-1 Slotted Spoon


This cooking utensil is a cutter, spatula, spoon, colander, and turner all-in-one, with the A+ Content featuring in-action images that clearly show each use. It also has arrows pointing to each part of the utensil and listing its corresponding function. Although this example has minimal text, it’s not missed because everything is communicated well through the imagery alone.



2. Htworg CR Shower Caddy

Amazon-Htworg CR Shower Caddy


This A+ Content for a shower caddy that sticks to the wall answers all the questions a customer would have, including how much it can hold, where it can go, how easy it is to install, and how to remove it⎯all through a nice combination of images, graphics and text.



3. Mighty Patch 

Amazon-Mighty Patch



Mighty Patch has some mighty great content starting with its catchy slogan, “Don’t pop it, patch it,” in the banner. Also, like the logos highlighting the product’s third-party endorsements. But the best parts are the Product Lifestyle section, which cross-sells customers on the brand’s other products, showing what skin problems each one can be used for, followed by a comparison chart listing all the products.



4. OTRainbow Stickers

Amazon-OTRainbow Stickers


This A+ Content scores an A+ for bright, fun visuals that capture your attention. What differentiates this one is the message from the CEO as the opener. He tells a story about how his company was started and shares anecdotes about his family. This builds an immediate personal connection with shoppers and is a highly effective way to make your A+ Content stand out.



5. Temptations Cat Treats

Amazon-Temptations Cat Treats


This is an excellent example of less is more. It has eye-catching visuals and brief, to-the-point text. But what makes it different is that it uses a click-over feature to show its benefits, and a Q & A section where customers can click the question and the answer pop ups.



6. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Amazon-LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


This example of Amazon A+ Content has a powerful banner image that conveys what the product is and what it does, and by showing a young boy using the product, it communicates that it must be safe. Scrolling down, we see that this is a Certified B Corporation, and proceeds from each sale are donated to a cause that has a perfect tie-in to this product. That purpose could be what drives customers to purchase this product over a competitor’s.


Final words

Great content on your listings makes all the difference in a marketplace as competitive as Amazon. By utilizing Amazon A+ Content effectively, you can set yourself apart from the average seller by providing better images, more context and a stronger buying experience.


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