Company Overview

Kave Home is a fast-expanding furniture and home accessory brand. The company designs, produces and sells a wide variety of high-quality items that add style and comfort to the homes of its customers. The company experienced rapid market growth during the 2000s. Starting as a small furniture company in Girona, Kave Home sells its trendy products to a vast market across Europe and is already expanding globally. By 2005, Kave Home was already selling its iconic furniture and other products in over 80 countries. The company distinguishes itself among peers with high-quality design and production processes and a flagship Kave Cares sustainability program. Kave Home has been running the Kave Cares initiative for several years now. It means the company increasingly uses recycled materials and sustainable methods to impact the environment positively. Since 2012, Kave Cares has included collections made from reclaimed wood, recycled glass, textiles made from recycled plastic, and 100% organic cotton. The company has also reduced its formaldehyde emissions by 40% and replaced traditional plywood with a zero-emissions alternative. This year the company has started to eliminate plastic-based paints from its production processes.

The Situation

Kave Home's story is one of successful and sustainable expansion. It had already made a move to expand sales via a selected range of channels, including marketplaces. However, it became apparent that the previous integration provider could not offer everything the company wanted.

Although Kave Home had already experienced multi-channel selling's positive effects, the previous integration provider was cumbersome to use, limited in capabilities, and the interface was not user-friendly.

The burden of merely handling and transferring data between systems was eroding the marketplace-selling business model's profitability. Kave Home was happy with the expanded market reach but was ready to switch to an easier and more capable integration solution.

The Solution

In 2020, ChannelEngine became the new integration partner for Kave Home – and with great success. Rob Folkers, marketplace integration specialist at Kave Home, has seen how its experience of marketplace selling improved after switching to ChannelEngine. Quite simply, "The results were really great ."According to Rob, the ability to easily connect ChannelEngine to the company ERP is a unique advantage, "Connecting the ERP to ChannelEngine was very easy. The big advantage comes from not having to worry about the connection with the marketplace selling the content is important; the connections are great with ChannelEngine, and so is the handling of incoming data too."

Kave Home has also found that the service levels in countries like the Netherlands can be relatively high. This means that customers frequently require additional support in the form of advice or returns. Sometimes it is easy to identify and address issues, but other times it is not so obvious.

The key to success is having the information., for example, can provide detailed reports about content and suggests improvements. Having easy access to that information makes it much easier to eliminate problems before they come up.

The Result

Compared to the previous integration solution, Kave Home finds ChannelEngine to be a convenient and effective improvement, "It's just way, way better, just so easy to use. Connecting to marketplaces is simple - it just imports the data directly".

Some key points are:

  • Kave Home was already selling via marketplaces, but there was still a measurable improvement to sales figures when using ChannelEngine.
  • Early estimates show increased year-on-year sales by 105%, compared to 2019.
  • The primary advantage has been the ease of use and the ability to connect to the data using ChannelEngine instantly.

Kave Home is pleased with the overall result: "There has been no disruption to logistics, and each new order just comes in as a new order – like any other – and it is handled in the same way." Just the way it should be.

As 2020 was an unusual and challenging year for many brands and retailers, it is hard to compare it to 'normal' trading years. However, the switch to ChannelEngine has still been a demonstrably positive change that already shows benefits in terms of increased sales and improved administrative processes.

Next Steps

Kave Home will continue to expand sales through a carefully-selected marketplace and partnership sales program. The company is very picky about which marketplaces it sells through. Using the sales data, you can hone down exactly which products work in which situations. Kave Home currently sells over 3,000 different SKUs, so it needs to have the right data to inform these decisions. It also plans to expand to other (selected) e-commerce platforms in other countries. By connecting the Kave Home ERP to global sales channels using ChannelEngine, the company builds further on existing partnerships and creates a solid, robust foundation for future sales growth.