The first-ever ChannelEngine Partner Awards Ceremony

The first-ever ChannelEngine Partner Awards Ceremony

WHAT is a Partner Program?

What a year - and what an event! On 25th March 2021, ChannelEngine hosted its first annual Partner Award Ceremony. We have celebrated the vital contribution our partners make to the selling success of our customers. The Partner Program delivers added value to customers through an active collaboration; it combines each partner's specialized expertise with our ongoing partner education and certification program. The courses provided via the program ensure that partners are best informed about using the platform and can better assist customers.

The Partner Program is a vital part of the ChannelEngine ecosystem. We celebrate it because it helps our customers receive a better level of service and achieve better results.

"Our goal is connecting global e-commerce; it can be a challenge, but less of a challenge with all of you helping," said Jorrit Steinz, addressing an excited audience of partners from around the world.

ChannelEngine is doubling-down on its expansion in Europe and North America in 2021 and is expanding into yet more countries worldwide. With offices in Leiden, Singapore, Dubai, and NYC, ChannelEngine continues to help clients achieve their global-selling targets – and all with partners' help.

The following year, a big development will be the rolling-out of an out-of-the-box, 'last mile' delivery solution to boost customers' global sales possibilities.

HOW we celebrated the Partner Award Ceremony 2021

This year's event was held as a glitzy virtual celebration, complete with real drinks and top-quality entertainment. Agency partners from around the world joined in with the celebrations, acknowledging our shared successes. With champagne sitting ready, everyone was excited to hear about the year's achievements and plans for the future.

The partner event included a presentation detailing our shared success and plans, followed by a show and Partner Awards Ceremony.

The much-anticipated half-time show starred the famous 'neuromagician' and TV person, Victor Mids. Victor performed a series of mind-bending illusions that delighted, confounded, and amazed the audience. But it wasn't all fun and games; Victor also brought the scientific principles of illusions into the spotlight.

ChannelEngine Partnership Awards

WHO are the winners?

And who were the winners? Awards were given for 4 certification categories this year, based on different achievement criteria:



And next year, a 'Platinum' level will be added, demonstrating the highest level of partner excellence and a proven commitment to achieving success for our clients.

Although this year's event was a big success, "Hopefully next time we can do it live, with a real party!" said Jorrit.

We're all looking forward to it!