ChannelEngine's new integration simplifies Noon sales & Middle East expansion

Get selling on Noon marketplace faster with ChannelEngine’s new integration.

ChannelEngine is pleased to announce a new integration with Noon, the leading marketplace in the Middle East.
By using this new connection, brands, and retailers can now grasp the full potential of a thriving channel in a strategically important market. Using ChannelEngine’s ecommerce management capabilities you can maximize your brand’s success on Noon and manage multichannel sales more efficiently. 

What is Noon?

As the biggest local player in the region, Noon is the ideal venue for quality brands looking to launch in the growing Middle East market, or who want to expand sales by reaching more consumers.

Since its launch in 2017, Noon has grown into the largest marketplace in the region. Its position has been strengthened by the recent acquisition of Namshi, a leading fashion retailer. While global marketplaces like Amazon also have a strong presence, local players like Noon and Namshi have a stronger following among local consumers.

Millions of consumers across the Middle East still trust the Noon brand as their #1 choice to deliver quality branded goods to their door. With more than 6.5 million listings from 50,000 brands, the marketplace has a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and Egypt.

A big part of Noon’s success has been continuous investment in technology-driven solutions for its customers and sellers. This has led to a wide variety of niche services in addition to the marketplace platform.

Noon’s brands include: 

  • Noon Food
  • Noon Grocery
  • Noon In Minutes (15-minute delivery in select areas)
  • Sivvi (fashion-focused items
  • NowNow (superfast grocery and pharmacy delivery app),
  • Noon VIP
  • Noon Pay

The platform also makes it easy for brands to expand sales by offering warehousing, fulfillment, and last-mile delivery services to 250+ cities, from a growing network of more than 12 fulfillment centers and 135 distribution hubs.

Thanks to this extensive delivery network and wide array of useful services, the Noon brand has gained a prominent trusted position for consumers in the region. Some 65% of Noon customers are satisfied repeat customers, who return time and again.

How important is this new integration for brands?

With this new integration with Noon, ChannelEngine is giving brands an easy way to get selling on the region’s largest marketplace, while managing their growing sales with maximum efficiency.

As a channel, Noon has high strategic value. By listing your products on Noon, you can give your brand significant reach across the region - especially in the key markets of UAE and KSA.

The ecommerce market in the Middle East is one of the fastest-growing in the world, with a CAGR of 32% growth in this region is more than double the global average, and the rate of growth in UAE and KSA is even higher.

The UAE and KSA stand out as exceptional opportunities for brands, with a younger tech-savvy demographic and growing disposable incomes. Online shopping is a growing habit too, with 100% of UAE and KSA having internet access, and a strong preference for mobile shopping (most often via marketplace apps).

Noon’s prominence in these two key markets makes it the ideal place to launch your brand and introduce yourself to a new audience of customers.

Key facts about the region covered by Noon:

  • Noon is the biggest marketplace in the region, especially in UAE, KSA and Egypt
  • Local demand is not met by local supply. Online consumers in UAE buy 58% of their items from overseas brands and retailers, while the regional average for cross-border sales is 44% of online purchases
  • The GCC and Egypt markets alone (the main regions covered by Noon) represent 80% of all ecommerce in the Middle East region
  • The average order value (AOV) in GCC and Egypt is $150. This is 8% higher than the UK.
  • Fashion and Electronics are the biggest segments in UAE and KSA, with fashion alone constituting 34% of all ecommerce
  • Global brands are much sought after by consumers in the region, who appreciate genuine, high-quality items


What ChannelEngine’s Noon integration means for brands

Managing your sales across all channels can be a challenge - so you need a powerful platform that allows you to control everything from one place and gives you a total overview. Previously, updating product information and offers, including stock levels and pricing, was a challenging process. It relied on manual Excel/CSV bulk uploads or individual updates within Noon's seller lab, which made it hard to optimize selling processes.

With ChannelEngine as your ecommerce control center, you have a clear overview of sales by synchronizing all channels (including Noon) with your own backend systems. This way you can optimize selling results with powerful tools and capabilities, and easily launch on 950+ other new channels too.

ChannelEngine’s new API integration makes it much easier for a global brand to start selling on Noon. Sellers can now use this connection to the Noon database to effortlessly update and maintain their product information and offers. This significantly streamlines ecommerce operations and reduces the time to market for new products.

The Noon order process enables both international and local sales. For international orders, Noon handles the import/export logistics from international sellers to regional destinations like Dubai. This means that sellers need only provide the initial delivery of stock to Noon’s warehouses - which are strategically located across the United States, Europe, and Turkey.  

Using ChannelEngine, it’s also far easier to manage your product content across all channels. The advanced tooling enables you to customize content for each channel you sell on. This is especially important as you enter new regions and channels.

ChannelEngine’s integration with Noon offers a wide array of functionalities that enhance your selling experience on Noon. These features will be continuously developed and rolled out whenever updates are available.

Features of ChannelEngine’s Noon integration currently include:

  • Product content creation/syndication (including Parent/Child variations)
  • Product offer (Stock/Sale Price) updates
  • Importing of newly created orders
  • Updating of order status with Shipping details, Cancellations, and Returns info 
  • Last Mile Delivery by Noon
  • Cross border sales 

Noon is on the rise – why wait?

As the region’s most significant marketplace, Noon presents brands and retailers with a unique opportunity. Noon makes it easy for brands to achieve greater reach in the thriving UAE and KSA markets. And, because Noon can provide fulfillment and delivery services across the region, it’s even easier to gain access to a huge audience of devoted customers. But you also have other choices for strategic partnerships for warehousing, logistics, strategy, and much more. 

Our complete ecosystem of partners can help with advice and solutions that ensure the maximum results from the start - filling any possible gap in your ecommerce infrastructure.

Using the new integration from ChannelEngine, it’s even easier to start selling successfully on the thriving Noon marketplace.

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