Efficiently manage marketplace orders across multiple warehouses 

Managing orders from multiple marketplaces can pose challenges for sellers as they expand to new channels and scale their operations. Handling large volumes of products across multiple warehouses adds another layer of complexity. ChannelEngine’s multi-warehouse feature allows you to optimize your order and inventory routing, resulting in reduced fulfillment costs and streamlined operations.

Streamline your online marketplace operations with ChannelEngine's multi-warehouse feature. Effectively manage inventory across multiple warehouse locations, optimize order routing, and enhance fulfillment efficiency. Improve customer experience, reduce costs, and scale your business seamlessly. 

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Inventory challenges when selling on marketplaces

  • Single Marketplace:

    When selling on one online marketplace, you typically have a single warehouse location that can be managed manually. As the business grows and the volume of sales increases, you may need to update inventory counts more frequently, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. 

  • Multiple marketplaces:

    When operating across multiple marketplaces and regions, managing additional warehouse locations adds complexity to your operations. How can you dedicate stock from a physical warehouse to a single channel? And how to deal with virtual stock locations, such as shelves in a warehouse, to fulfill priority orders? In these scenarios, you must be capable of routing inventory to different marketplaces, ensuring fast and accurate order fulfillment on all channels. 


The importance of order and inventory management

Streamlined order and inventory management are crucial to maintaining efficient business operations. Inadequate handling can lead to stockouts, overstocks, and financial losses. Storing inventory in different warehouses and stock locations offers several advantages to marketplace sellers, including faster order fulfillment, lower shipping costs,  and reduced risks of inventory damage or loss.



Operating across marketplaces and regions with multiple warehouses

Our multi-warehouse feature helps you to manage inventory across physical and virtual warehouse locations effectively. The implementation of "if/and" rules linked to product attributes, order fields, or custom fields automates the inventory dispatch process from any of your warehouses. It allows you to route incoming orders from different marketplaces to specific locations. This, for example, ensures that your stock is always available at Location 1, regardless of any depleted stock at Location 2.



Enhance your marketplace operations

The stock and order routing functionality can serve as an invaluable tool to enhance and streamline your marketplace operations in various ways:

  • Improved fulfillment efficiency:

    Reduce shipping times and improve delivery speed by facilitating the distribution of orders across multiple warehouses. The ability to route stock and orders to various warehouses helps you improve inventory management practices. By doing so, your business can avoid stockouts and overstocks, leading to better cash flow management. 

  • Increased scalability:

    Optimal routing increases the capacity to handle large order volumes, allowing businesses to expand and grow without the concern of surpassing their fulfillment capabilities.

  • Enhanced customer experience:

    With faster and more accurate order processing, sellers can provide customers with a better experience, increasing customer loyalty and repeat business.

  • Customizable rules:

    Easily set up the order and stock routing rules that suit your operations, ensuring orders are routed from the optimal location.

Marketplace fulfillment services

ChannelEngine also offers the ability for sellers to take advantage of the fulfillment services offered by various marketplaces such as Amazon, Zalando, and Lazada. By opting for Fulfillment by Marketplace, sellers can leverage the capabilities of the marketplace to handle the storage, packing, and shipping of their products. This gives sellers the ability to deliver their products to customers quickly and expands their reach beyond what they would achieve by managing the fulfillment process independently. When the inventory at a marketplace’s fulfillment center runs out, your orders can be automatically redirected to your own fulfillment center(s) or vice versa, ensuring your products continue to sell without any delays or complications.



Efficient management of warehouses is crucial for marketplace sellers active in different regions and channels. Optimize your inventory management practices and schedule a call with one of our marketplace experts!


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