Multichannel ecommerce: Save time, simplify, and optimize!

Multichannel selling is the best way for brands to maximize their sales. But reaching more consumers can come at a cost - your time. In this webinar, find out how to simplify multichannel selling!

Multichannel ecommerce doesn't have to be so complicated!

The rise of niche marketplaces and social commerce has made multichannel selling critical for successful sellers. 


However, without experience in multichannel ecommerce, jumping onto new channels can lead to messy workflows, wasted time, and painful errors.


In this webinar, we are excited to feature an inspiring lineup of speakers, including Thijs Vermeulen, Director of Ecommerce EMEA at Stanley, and Ondrej Hradec, CEO of Operator One, as special guests, with Niels Floors, VP of Strategic Development at ChannelEngine, as the host.


View the recorded session where Thijs shared the tips that guided his company from $70 million to $750 million in sales in just three years! Additionally, Ondrej shared insights from his extensive experience aiding brands to expand and operate in marketplaces, and Niels brought a wealth of knowledge in ecommerce strategy and development. 


Don't miss the chance to refine your multichannel ecommerce knowledge from some of the top thought leaders in ecommerce!


Topics include

💻 Overcoming content and listing challenges: Optimizing your product content and listings is one of the most important elements of ecommerce. Find out how to deal with this on multiple channels

⚙️ Deal with integration and process issues: More channels means more complex workflows, right? We dive into why this isn't always the case.


📈 Uncover essential analytics and insights: If you're selling across multiple channels, you'll need good visibility over how you're performing. 


💲Multichannel pricing and profitability tips: Prices and margins can be challenging across multiple channels. We share best practices to sell at the best prices to maximize sales and profits.



Thijs Vermeulen-StanleyThijs Vermeulen
Director of eCommerce EMEA 
Niels Floors-channelengineNiels Floors
VP of Strategic Development
Ondrej Hradec-Operator oneOndrej Hradec
Logo-Operaor One