The top 15 marketplaces in France [2024]

Discover France's leading online marketplaces! Explore top platforms, optimize your strategy, and tap into the $84.32 billion ecommerce sector.
Explore France's booming ecommerce landscape with our guide to the top 15 marketplaces, offering insights and strategies for online merchants.

France's ecommerce sector is valued at $84.32 billion in 2024 and is expected to grow to $120.99 billion by 2029. With over 40 million online customers and a 15% increase in online sales, France has emerged as a global leader in ecommerce. This makes a compelling case for online merchants to consider expanding their potential in the French market. Among the different approaches to market entry, utilizing marketplaces is particularly beneficial. 


In this post, we've listed the top online marketplaces in France, as well as  recommendations to help you decide which ones to start selling on.


The French online marketplace landscape

France had over 51 million ecommerce users in 2023, ranking second in Europe behind the United Kingdom. According to a survey, 52% of French consumers prefer to shop online via a unique platform rather than visiting several stores. 


Amazon dominates the French online marketplace scene, as it does in the United Kingdom and Germany. Nonetheless, France's marketplace ecosystem is mature, with a mix of established businesses moving digital and young, fast-growth companies.


We've put together a list of the top 15 marketplaces in France based on the volume of monthly visits to help you understand the potential of your brand and products.



The Top Marketplaces in France

Category Focus: All categories

Special Features: Market leader in France, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Prime, Amazon Advertising, buy box eligibility. controls 22% of the French ecommerce sector, attracting more than 30 million unique visits monthly (180 million total). This platform appeals to a broad audience with a diverse product line, including books, gadgets, fashion items, homeware, and beauty products. 


By selling on, merchants receive access to a large and loyal consumer base and various incentives such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Prime benefits, Amazon Advertising opportunities, and Buy Box eligibility. To use this platform, sellers must first register and choose a selling plan that fits their company model—individual or professional.


Find out more about selling on Amazon here.

Category Focus: Extremely low-price range, mainly Chinese-manufactured products. All categories

Special Features: Global reach with 478.4 million monthly visits, significant market presence in Brazil, France, and Spain, and a robust platform backed by Alibaba Group., a pillar of the Alibaba Group's ecommerce empire, has quickly risen as a dominant force in the worldwide marketplace since its inception in 2010. It specializes in offering a wide range of products at extraordinarily low rates, focusing on Chinese-made goods.


Many Western online retailers are concerned by the marketplace's almost unbelievable prices. This emphasizes the importance of having a solid brand and providing excellent service.


AliExpress is becoming the go-to place for an increasing number of online sellers. If anything, it seems clear that popularity and visibility will continue to grow. As a result, AliExpress can be a helpful starting point for cross-border sales.


Find out more about selling on AliExpress here.

Category Focus: Electronics, Home, Fashion, Toys, Sports.

Special Features: Second-largest marketplace in France with 8.8% market share, over 20 million unique monthly visitors, low prices, fast delivery, customer loyalty program, Cdiscount Fulfilment, Cdiscount Ads, Cdiscount à Volonté.


Cdiscount maintains its position as France's second-largest ecommerce marketplace, with an impressive 8.8% market share and more than 20 million unique monthly visits. This French marketplace is known for its diverse product offers, including electronics, household goods, fashion, toys, and sports equipment. 


Cdiscount, known for its affordable price, quick delivery services, and highly rated customer loyalty program, offers a compelling value proposition to buyers and sellers. The platform delivers services meant to improve the selling experience, including Cdiscount Fulfilment, which streamlines logistics; Cdiscount Ads, which provides advertising solutions; and Cdiscount à Volonté, a membership program with exclusive perks.


Find out more about selling on Cdiscount here.

Category Focus: Cultural and electronic products, including computers, tablets, books, and music.

Special Features: High seller visibility, trust-building with customers, ideal for cultural product sellers, physical store integration.


Fnac, which stands for Fédération Nationale d'Achats des Cadres (National Purchasing Federation for Executives), is a major French retailer known for its presence in traditional retail and ecommerce. Fnac's catalog offers various products, including computers, tablets, books, and music. Fnac is a prominent contender in the market because of its diverse goods that appeal to a wide range of European consumers.


Fnac offers sellers various advantages, adding to its popularity as a marketplace. Its reputation as one of France's most recognized brands for cultural goods and services provides retailers with unrivaled visibility and the potential to create trust with a loyal consumer base. Integrating physical store visibility with the online marketplace further enriches the selling experience, providing a comprehensive solution for today's sellers' and consumers' evolving needs.


Find out more about selling on Fnac here.

Category Focus: All categories.

Special Features: Auction and fixed-price listing formats, eBay Fulfilment, eBay Ads, eBay Money Back Guarantee, access to a global customer base., the French version of eBay, one of the world's pioneering ecommerce platforms, has a massive and diverse inventory, with over 1.3 billion listings and a dynamic community of over 180 million active customers worldwide. This platform accommodates a wide range of product categories, such as fashion, electronics, home goods, and collectibles, to meet consumers' different interests and needs. distinguishes itself with its various selling formats, which enable sellers to participate in the market via traditional auctions or fixed-price listings. This versatility allows vendors to tailor their sales strategy to their product type and target audience, increasing the likelihood of success. Additionally, provides sellers with tools and services to expand their reach and efficiency. 


Find out more about selling on Ebay here.

Category Focus: Camping, racquet sports, swimming, diving, gym, hiking, team sports, cycling.

Special Features: Extensive logistics network covering 26 countries, integration into a robust online marketplace, targeted advertising opportunities within a sports-focused community., known for its aim to make sports accessible to all, is a leading French sports products retailer. Decathlon caters to the demands of every athlete and outdoor enthusiast by offering low-cost equipment for a variety of activities, including camping, racquet sports, swimming, diving, gym activities, hiking, team sports, and cycling. 


This platform connects businesses to over 100 million customers globally and integrates them into a vast logistical network spanning 26 countries, ensuring efficient product distribution and delivery. It receives more than 20 million visits every month in France. provides retailers unprecedented access to a passionate community of sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The platform's success is based on its ability to provide customized advertising options, which enable businesses to reach their intended audience within a highly engaged sports-focused ecosystem.


Sellers profit from participating in a marketplace prioritizing quality, innovation, and sustainability. With annual revenues exceeding $1 billion, Decathlon's strong performance in the ecommerce and sports retail sectors makes it an ideal platform for sellers looking to enter the lucrative sports and outdoor products market, backed by a global presence and a commitment to sports accessibility.


Find out more about selling on Decathlon here.

Category Focus: Household appliances, consumer electronics, including TV, audio, computers, smartphones, cameras, and kitchen products.

Special Features: Darty Fulfilment, Darty Advertising, Darty Marketplace Services, commission rates ranging from 8% to 15%, focus on quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service., a significant player in Europe's electronics retail sector and a subsidiary of The Darty Group, which also includes Fnac, services a diverse range of international markets, including Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Qatar, the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, the Congo, and Senegal. Darty, France's leading online retailer of household appliances and consumer electronics, offers various products, including televisions, audio equipment, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and culinary gadgets.


Darty is renowned for its devotion to quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service and boasts monthly visits of 11.2 million, mainly from France. This platform offers sellers a unique opportunity to reach a specific and selective client base and a package of features to improve the selling experience. 


Darty Fulfilment streamlines logistics and distribution; Darty Advertising provides targeted promotional opportunities; and Darty Marketplace Services helps sellers maximize their presence and sales on the platform.


To participate in this vibrant marketplace, sellers must register, choose an appropriate commission rate (ranging from 8% to 15%), and adhere to Darty's comprehensive policy framework, which includes product listings, pricing strategies, shipping protocols, customer service standards, and tax compliance. 


This systematic approach creates a welcoming environment for sellers and consumers, cultivating a community that values and prioritizes the availability of high-quality electronic and domestic goods.


Find out more about selling on Darty here.

Category Focus: Technological equipment, house appliances, expanded portfolio in various categories since marketplace launch.

Special Features: Exclusive focus on the French ecommerce market, high domestic traffic with over 90% of visits from France, strong representation of French brands with 75% of 7,700 brands being French.


Rue Du Commerce, a renowned member of the Shopinvest Group, operates only in the French market, significantly impacting the national ecommerce landscape. Rue Du Commerce was founded in 1999 with an initial focus on technology equipment and household appliances but has since expanded its scope. 


This platform is a beacon for the French ecommerce sector, attracting about 4 million internet visits every month, the vast majority of which (more than 90%) originate in France. This high level of domestic interaction demonstrates the platform's excellent fit with French customers' interests and dedication to promoting local trade. Furthermore, Rue Du Commerce takes pride in being a hub for French brands, with 75% of the 7,700 active traders on the platform originating from France.


Rue Du Commerce's concentration on the French market provides vendors with a specialized approach to consumer engagement and a dedicated area to connect with a committed, mostly French client base. The platform's success stems from its capacity to adapt and evolve, keeping it at the forefront of the French ecommerce sector while encouraging local firms and products.


Find out more about selling on Rue du Commerce here.



Category Focus: Hi-tech goods, including cameras, computing, home appliances, watches, gadgets, electronic goods like phones, tablets, and games.

Special Features: PixPlace for product uploads, availability in 14 European countries, advertising and marketing tools on PixPlace, secure payment handling to avoid fraud, physical store presence along with online.


Pixmania, a cornerstone in the French ecommerce scene and a prominent participant in 13 European nations, receives about 8 million visitors every month, highlighting its position in the high-tech goods industry. This retailer, formerly known as Fotovista and now a member of the Dixons Retail Group, has evolved dramatically since its inception. 


Pixmania, previously only available online, expanded its reach in 2013 by opening physical stores. It mainly focused on electronic items like phones, tablets, and games, in addition to its established variety of cameras, computing equipment, home appliances, watches, and gadgets.


PixPlace, a site for uploading products to be published on the marketplace, is available to vendors who want to tap into Pixmania's vast market. This feature allows sellers to enter the French market more efficiently and expands their reach to 14 other European nations. Pixmania goes beyond just listing products and offering advertising and other marketing tools through PixPlace, allowing sellers to develop campaigns that increase product awareness and consumer reach.


Find out more about selling on Pixmania here.

Category Focus: Home improvement, renovation, DIY, and gardening tools.

Special Features: Specializing in the home and garden sector, with an extensive catalog with over 2 million items and a significant European customer base with 1.9 million customers.


ManoMano, founded in 2013 by Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson, has quickly become a market leader in European home and garden shopping. This ecommerce behemoth, headquartered in Paris, France, specializes in providing a wide range of products for home remodeling and renovation lovers.


The platform receives an impressive 16 million monthly visits, most of which come from France, demonstrating its great domestic appeal and substantial involvement from Belgium and Switzerland. With yearly revenues exceeding $1 billion, ManoMano's financial performance reflects its market relevance and consumer trust.


ManoMano offers retailers a valuable opportunity to reach a vast and loyal audience in Europe's central countries. The marketplace's inventory reaches two million items, ranging from rabbit cages to table saws. 


Find out more about selling on ManoMano here.


Other top marketplaces in France

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a French giant in the home improvement, gardening, and DIY sectors, with over 400 locations in 13 countries and over 20 million clients in France alone. The marketplace provides various home-related products such as renovation, décor, and more. Sellers can engage with a focused consumer base and use Leroy Merlin's marketing tools to increase visibility.


Find out more about selling on Leyroy Merlin here.


La Redoute

La Redoute, France's top online fashion retailer, has over 10 million monthly visitors and sells everything from clothing to home décor. La Redoute, known for its designer partnerships and excellent customer service, offers merchants access to a fashion-forward audience and benefits such as La Redoute Fulfilment and Advertising.


Find out more about selling on La Redoute here.



Home24, established in Germany, specializes in furniture and home accessories and has over 100,000 products in its database. Home24 operates in eight countries, including France, and caters to home enthusiasts who value quality and design. Sellers can use Home24's marketing tools to improve product visibility and sales.


Find out more about selling on Home24 here.


Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde, which serves the French, Italian, and Spanish markets, specializes in furniture and home design and has 7.5 million clients. With considerable furniture sales and an ever-growing presence, this marketplace attracts over 10 million unique visitors monthly, providing a substantial platform for vendors.


Find out more about selling on Maisons du Monde here.



As a leading US company in the furniture and home goods area, Wayfair also stands out in Europe, where it ranks 22nd in terms of visits. Wayfair's monthly visitors average 24.4 million and generate $14.15 billion in revenue in 2021, making it an extensive market for home goods sellers.


Find out more about selling on Wayfair here.


Final words

Several marketplaces have established themselves in the French ecommerce sector, focusing on specialties such as home renovation, fashion, and furniture. These platforms attract millions of local customers by offering diverse products, including DIY tools, gardening supplies, and the newest style and home decor. 


They distinguish themselves with their comprehensive offerings, which include unique fulfilment options, targeted advertising, and extended customer support. These marketplaces offer a rich shopping experience while providing sellers with opportunities to enter the French market by employing solutions geared to enhance visibility and sales. 


An emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction makes marketplaces essential players in the developing French ecommerce industry.


For more information or to find out how you can start selling on marketplaces in France, Get in touch with us now!