Insights into fashion marketplaces in Europe for 2024

Grace Mendez
20 März 2024
In this video, we explore the leading and most relevant fashion marketplaces poised for making an impact in 2024. Discover key trends, insights, and strategies to navigate these platforms successfully and set the stage for your success.

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Are you navigating the complex world of fashion ecommerce, evaluating which marketplaces and online channels will best suit your strategy and goals?


Look no further. In our second episode of 'Fashion Ecommerce Insights,' our host, Herwin, Customer Success Manager at ChannelEngine, sits down with our marketplace expert, Mitchell, Team Lead of Channel Partnerships. Together, they unravel the intricacies of fashion marketplaces and other vital channels, offering actionable insights and valuable information to guide your strategic decisions on where, how, and why to establish your brand's presence.

Watch the video and gain insights that could redefine the way you engage with fashion marketplaces and other channels where great opportunities await to be explored.



Topics include


📈 Marketplace trends and growth
Learn about the shift towards D2C selling during the pandemic and the subsequent expansion into global marketplaces. Get insights into the annual GMV in marketplaces and how this can benefit your brand.

🌍 Leading fashion marketplaces in Europe and beyond
Discover the major players in the European market and beyond, their unique offerings, and how to select the right platforms for your brand. Understand the landscape to expand your reach effectively.

🤝 Niche and alternative channels to consider
Explore when and how to leverage generalist, premium, sustainable, and outlet channels. They can offer significant opportunities to grow your fashion brand online and reach specific audiences.

💡 Key insights from the experts
Navigating the selection criteria of fashion marketplaces can be challenging. Find out what these platforms are looking for in partners, and how to align your brand for successful collaborations.

🔎 Customer success story
Get inspired by Petrol Industries' strategy to quadruple Cyber Week ecommerce revenue through unique offers across channels, while closely managing brand and margins.






Herwin Naaktgeboren
Global Customer Success Manager

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Mitchell Dröge
Team Lead Channel Partnerships 



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Published on 20 März 2024
Grace Mendez
Grace Mendez is the Marketing & Branding Specialist at ChannelEngine. Her expertise in project management, marketing, and employer branding shines through in her innovative communications and creative storytelling.
Grace Mendez