Selling into America: A guide for European ecommerce brands

Comprehensive guide for European ecommerce brands to succeed in the US market. Learn essential strategies and tips for selling into America.

How to get your slice of the $600 billion US ecommerce market!

With a population of 333 million, a GDP of $25 trillion, and a Purchasing Power Parity per capita income 40% greater than the European Union, the US market offers unparalleled opportunities for growth for EU brands.


But entering this vast market comes with its own set of challenges and complexities.

In this comprehensive guide, we help European brands to navigate the intricacies of the US ecommerce market.


From understanding regional consumer behaviors to tackling state-specific tax regulations, this guide provides the strategic insights and practical steps needed to ensure your success.


Key topics we'll explore:


📝  Developing your strategy:  Understand why the USA is such an attractive market, and get tips on developing your go-to-market strategy.

✔️ Setting up a US subsidiary (TABS): Discover the advantages of using a US subsidiary and how to set one up.

🚚 Determine the right fulfillment strategy (Salesupply): Get insights on the key fulfillment questions like international vs domestic, multi vs single warehouse, as well as selling model considerations. 

🧮  Choose the right marketplaces and product segments: Find out how to navigate the marketplace ecosystem in the US.

🔎 Activation for US Marketplaces (Sitation): Get insights on product listing optimization, leveraging analytics and choosing the right partner.

🚀  Take your first step towards selling in the USA today: Take the next step and start selling in the USA today!

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