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Product bundling, a proven ecommerce strategy 

Product bundling is a strategy where you combine multiple products into a single package or offer. It's an efficient method to create more value without incurring extra costs or effort. Consumers love bundles because they provide a better bang for their buck.
In fact, bundling is often more effective than discounts or savings alone. 

Our virtual product bundling feature enables you to sell two or more products as a combination across online marketplaces. It’s a great tool to drive revenue. Whether you want to increase your average order value, move slow inventory, or enhance the shopping experience, bundling can help you stand out from the competition on marketplaces.
Discover how Petrol Industries achieved outstanding results with product bundles:

How does product bundling work? 


You have the flexibility to create bundles either directly from ChannelEngine or in bulk through CSV upload. You only need a valid and unique Merchant product number/SKU and GTIN. The process involves matching a marketplace’s preset categorization structure. You can harness the power of AI language models to generate product information automatically. 

After selecting the desired combination of products for bundling, the bundle will be created virtually on ChannelEngine and published on the marketplace. The marketplace will treat this bundle as an independent item with its own Product Detail Page. 

When a bundled order is received in ChannelEngine, it splits different order lines to ensure recognition by the backend. Additionally, we consider stock updates to reflect the quantity available accurately. ChannelEngine will also take the bundle offline if any underlying products have insufficient stock.

AI-powered bundling creativity


Virtual product bundle becomes a unique item that consumers can buy online. Like all your ecommerce items, it requires a price, title, description, and image to start selling on marketplaces. Missing that creative touch while compiling your product bundles?

With our incorporation of generative AI, you can save valuable time and spark creativity by automatically generating unique product titles, descriptions, and images in just a few seconds! This makes it much easier to start offering virtual product bundles across different online sales channels. Select the products you’d like to bundle, and let generative AI do the heavy lifting. 

 AI-powered product bundling in action:


Key features of bundling your products:
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Gain a competitive advantage
Create unique product combinations, setting your offerings apart within the competitive marketplace. Catch customers' attention with attractive offers that drive more traffic to your listings.
Optimized inventory management
Bundling slower-moving items with popular products can help move excess inventory and maintain healthy stock levels across your product range.
Cross-selling opportunities
Strategically include related products within the bundle, encouraging customers to explore and purchase additional products they may not have considered otherwise.
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Provide customers with the convenience of purchasing multiple items in a single transaction, resulting in increased satisfaction and the potential for repeat business.
Profitability of lower-priced items
By incorporating lower-priced products into virtual bundles with higher-priced or high-demand items, sellers can make these products more feasible and profitable to sell on marketplaces.
Increased perceived value 
By bundling complementary products, customers often perceive a higher overall value, making them more likely to purchase the bundle instead of individual items.

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