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Setting up ecommerce and entering the Metaverse can be a complex endeavor for any business. ITB Commerce, as a managed ecommerce solution provider, enables merchants and retailers to build immersive experiences, scale, and grow their B2B or B2C online businesses.
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Agency partner
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Partner service
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System Integrator ( ERP, CRM, Point of Sale, Payment Systems)

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This team of ecommerce experts is deeply committed to propelling online business success, harnessing the capabilities of world-class ecommerce technologies and making them readily accessible to a wide audience.

They offer an Open SaaS ecommerce solution equipped with integrated tools designed to help businesses Build, Sell, and Grow Online. This comprehensive, affordable Open SaaS (Software as a Service) Unified retail solution connects businesses with online consumers, empowering them with integrated technology to streamline business processes. In partnership with leading technology providers, they facilitate selling across 40+ marketplaces (such as Amazon, eBay, Noon, Lazada, Shopee, ETSY, etc.), social media, and chatbots, all while managing centralized inventory, warehousing, procurement, product sourcing, customer management, and shipping from a single console. They provide Smart Store technology, Supply Chain Optimization, data analytics, business intelligence, Logistics, and fulfillment support. Their technology solution includes implementation of ecommerce B2B/B2C/D2C online stores and marketplaces with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Contact-less Point of Sale, ERP, CRM, Digital Marketing, payment gateway, and shipping integrations.

With over two decades of technology consulting and marketing expertise, their management team is well-equipped to accelerate brands in the ecommerce space.


Why choose ITB Commerce?

The integration between ChannelEngine and ITB Commerce enables online businesses to scale exponentially and enter different markets. This collaboration allows clients' product data to be synced across multiple channels and marketplaces with both accuracy and speed. It offers merchants a tenfold growth and a significant return on investment by facilitating the sale of their products in various markets.

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Katharina Caracciolo

Partner Manager