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What are ecommerce listing software tools?

Why is this software important for multi channel sellers?
Ecommerce is a time-critical industry. The last thing you need is to waste unnecessary time managing your product listings separately for every single channel or to update all your listings when specifications or quantities change.
This is especially true for certain product categories, such as Fashion, where trends change quickly. As soon as your seasonal range becomes available, it must be listed as quickly as possible - on every channel where it will sell. 

Product listing software enables you to do this in the most efficient way possible.

There are special challenges in multichannel ecommerce. Each marketplace or sales channel has very specific requirements for product content and listing formats

This can potentially result in laborious manual editing processes, which are inefficient and error-prone.

By using a powerful listing tool equipped with automation and templates, you can list or update products with all the required attributes, across numerous ecommerce channels in minutes. 

With ChannelEngine, for example, you can use smart-rule automation to create first-draft product descriptions for thousands of SKUs in just a few moments.

What to look for in a multichannel listing tool

As a multichannel seller, it’s essential you can manage your inventory across all channels with a minimum of friction. When selecting a multichannel product listing tool, you should look for something that meets all your key criteria for achieving this.
First, it must have robust API connections to all the channels you want to sell on now, as well as a growing number of new channels for your future growth.
This is important because you need reliable connections between all these marketplaces and your backend systems to ensure stock levels are always synchronized.
Next, it should enable you to customize your listings’ product content, so your listings are always optimized for each channel you sell on. This massively improves selling results and plays a role in reducing returns, too.
Ideally, a product listing tool should also give you ways to promote your products by creating dynamic product bundles. This tactic helps increase your AOV and margins.
Finally, ecommerce product listing software should offer time-saving automations and other tools that allow you to cut out repetitive processes.

Additionally, being able to leverage advanced ecommerce tooling can help you further optimize your selling results. So, the ideal product listing software will come as part of a complete package that allows you to leverage advanced seller capabilities from a single platform.

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