Squared Circle

Squared Circle is a digital merchandising company specializing in the management of marketplaces and online presence.
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Agency partner
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Partner service
Marketing and Advertising
Content generation and optimization
Onboarding support
System integrator
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Asia Pacific

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Squared Circle stands out as a prominent player in the e-commerce industry, focusing on collaborating with clients to establish and elevate their online presence across diverse marketplaces. Their approach is rooted in customer obsession, a fervent passion for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to operational excellence.

With a workforce exceeding 120 professionals dedicated to supporting operations in the Middle East and South East Asia, Squared Circle exclusively operates as a digital merchandising company. Their specialized team caters to 22 clients, ensuring the seamless and efficient management of their online presence, meeting diverse requirements with precision and effectiveness.


Why choose Squared Circle ?

By integrating your solutions or services with ChannelEngine, you unlock a multitude of added values. The collaboration between ChannelEngine and Squared Circle Ecom ensures a seamless ecommerce journey across diverse regions and marketplaces. This partnership guarantees an enriched online data experience on marketplaces, coupled with additional support in crucial areas such as Data Models, Marketing, Design, Catalogue, and technical solutions. The designed partnership aims to provide comprehensive end-to-end services, covering all aspects of the e-commerce spectrum, ensuring a robust and efficient ecommerce ecosystem.

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Katharina Caracciolo

Partner Manager