Returnless is a platform that handles returns faster, lower costs and prevents future returns.
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Returnless offers merchants an advanced returns platform. Returnless already optimizes the return experience for more than 750+ brands, such as My Jewellery, JOSH V, Rosefield, Brandfield and many more.

With the platform they have clear overview of what is returned, when and why. Setup rules & automations to minimize manual tasks. Keep revenue by generating coupon codes instead of refunds. Get data insights from their return analytics, and much more.

Ultimately helping merchants to handle returns faster, lower costs and prevent future returns.


Why choose Returnless ?

Through the integration between ChannelEngine and Returnless, you can automatically create or import return shipments from a marketplace in Returnless. This offers various advantages, such as managing all returns, from each sales channel, in one tool, and the ability to handle refunds smoothly.

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