Neortus is a digital commerce boutique agency. It support brands, wholesalers and retailers in strategy, technology, implementation & daily operations of their B2B and/or B2C digital commerce business.
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Neortus is a digital commerce boutique agency that supports brands, wholesalers, and retailers in strategy, technology, implementation, and daily operations of their B2B and B2C digital commerce businesses. Specializing in digital commerce strategy, composable commerce, webshop implementation, and digital shelf management (PXM, marketplaces, and online retail), Neortus is known for being fast, nimble, personal, and expert. The agency provides global support to clients from its offices in Amsterdam, Mexico City, and New Delhi.


Why choose Neortus ?

At ChannelEngine, we're excited to team up with Neortus to bring global ecommerce to life. We handle the tech side of things, while Neortus takes care of the managed services. Together, we help businesses boost their online visibility and increase product conversion rates, making it easier to run ecommerce operations on a larger scale.

With our powerful technology and Neortus' expert services, our clients can improve their digital presence and fine-tune their ecommerce strategies. This partnership makes it simpler for businesses to navigate the often complex world of global ecommerce, ensuring they thrive and succeed in a competitive market.

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