Returns API updated

Returns API updated

Please note: our returns API will be updated on the 19th of August 2019 which may impact your implementation.

We would like to inform you of an important upcoming change to our API. In order to continue providing you with the best possible service, we continuously roll out changes and expand our API endpoints. Normally these new functionalities have no effect for existing API users unless you update, however, we are now implementing a change to our returns API which may have 'breaking' implications for your current implementation of our API.

Pagination and additional filtering will be added to the following API endpoints:
- GET /v2/returns/merchant
- GET /v2/returns/channel

Once enabled, 100 items will be returned per page (similar to the current order pagination) instead of all the results a returns filter query may return. The fields indicating pagination are already present in the response. The existing createdSince query string parameter will be replaced by fromDate.

Currently, the ItemsPerPage is equal to the Count and TotalCount. A request matching 800 items will, therefore, return 800 items in the response. The new situation will use pagination, so the ItemsPerPage will be 100, the Count and TotalCount will match the number of items returned for that page and the total number of items matching the request respectively. So, to fetch all 800 items, multiple requests have to be made with a ?Page parameter.

Action to take:
Make sure that pagination is supported by the code that is fetching data from the ChannelEngine API. If you are using one of our API client libraries or plugins, please update to the latest version. These can be found here (merchant) and here (channel).

We'll enable the pagination on our end on the 19th of August 2019, so please update your client or change your API implementation before then to prevent possible issues.

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