Mastering Rakuten France:
A seller's guide for success

With 15 million visitors per month and 13 million active members, Rakuten France offers immense potential for sellers. Discover the attractive initiatives that make it a marketplace focused on empowering your business.

Rakuten France stands out as a marketplace dedicated to empowering sellers, boasting an impressive 15 million visitors per month and 13 million active members.


In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover the attractive initiatives designed to enhance your selling experience and drive success on this dynamic platform.


This webinar will guide you on leveraging ChannelEngine’s powerful tools to seamlessly integrate your inventory, automate essential processes, and optimize your listings. Discover how these strategies can boost your sales and elevate your business to new heights.



Topics include

 🏢 Discover Rakuten’s digital shopping mall: Explore Rakuten France’s digital shopping mall, attracting 15 million visitors each month. Learn how to effectively position your products in this bustling online marketplace to maximize visibility and sales.


🎁 Leverage Club R: France's leading ecommerce loyalty program: Find out how you can benefit from Club R, Rakuten France's premier loyalty program. Learn how this program can enhance customer retention and boost your sales through its extensive member base.


 🚚 Utilize Rakuten fulfilment network: Discover the advantages of using the Rakuten Fulfilment Network. Learn how streamlined logistics and fulfilment services can help you deliver a superior customer experience and increase your efficiency.


💲 Maximize your profits with marketplace automation:  Discover how to seamlessly integrate your inventory with Rakuten France, automate processes, and optimize your listings, leading to increased sales and revenue growth.



Nouar Anis-RakutenAnis Nouar
International Business Developer
Raul_ChannelEngineRaul Peña
Senior Channel Partner Manager




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