Marketplace KPIs and Account Health Ratings: New & Improved

Keeping pace with the performance standards of marketplaces such as Amazon and Bol is crucial for merchants. ChannelEngine now provides a centralized overview, allowing you to easily track your seller performance and account health rating across different channels. 

Meeting marketplace standards

Marketplaces have stringent benchmarks for seller performance, including the "Account Health Rating" from Amazon and the "Service Standards" from Bol. These KPIs influence your Buy Box performance, and a poor rating can result in penalties. 

With specific requirements like Bol's 22-week strike evaluation period and Amazon's 60-day order defect rate, meeting their seller performance targets are paramount. Failing to meet these standards can lead to severe penalties or even account termination, while excelling can significantly boost your SKUs’ Buy Box performance and search result positions. 

Comprehensive overview of marketplace KPIs

Keeping track of account health metrics like delivery times, cancellation rates, customer service responsiveness, and overall seller ratings can overwhelm even the most organized sellers. The complexity magnifies when operating across different sales channels and countries. 

ChannelEngine introduces a new overview that simplifies the management of your marketplace KPIs. To see your performance metrics, simply select the channel from the dropdown menu.

By centralizing this data, we’ve made it easier to manage your marketplace performance effectively, ensuring that you stay informed and proactive in addressing any areas of concern. We also keep historical data so you can see trends in your performance over time, allowing for strategic decision-making based on past results.

Proactive monitoring and guidance 

In addition to monitoring, we’ve included alerts for underperformance based on the targets set by marketplaces.

With daily updates, sellers can swiftly tackle challenges or strategize improvements to enhance their scores. This approach helps prevent adverse outcomes and enables sellers to outperform competitors by surpassing given benchmarks. 

Navigating seller KPIs and account health can be complex. Whether you need help interpreting your data or crafting a strategy to improve metrics, our experts are able to assist.

Benefits for sellers operating across multiple channels  

  • Simplified monitoring: Forget about juggling multiple platforms. Check your performance across channels from a single place. 
  • Winning the Buy Box: Optimizing your marketplace performance metrics can increase your chances of winning the Buy Box on different channels.
  • Boost your market presence: Mastering your account health can enhance your market visibility.

Excel on your marketplace performance metrics 

By offering a detailed view of your performance across multiple platforms, we help you meet and exceed the stringent demands of Amazon and Bol. In the future, we'll add more marketplaces to the KPI overview. Take the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition and grow your GMV with ChannelEngine.

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Published on 13 Mai 2024
Timo Sprinkhuizen
Timo Sprinkhuizen is the Product Marketing Lead at ChannelEngine. He loves simplifying the complex by creating compelling narratives around advanced products for global audiences. Off the clock, Timo is all about tech, sports, travel, music, and good food.
Timo Sprinkhuizen