ChannelEngine statistics update: Marketplace KPI’s that matter

ChannelEngine statistics update: Marketplace KPI’s that matter

As we all know, marketplaces are incredibly powerful. They are taking every aspect of our economy by storm and changing how goods and services get discovered, priced, and delivered.  


Reporting on the most important metrics is essential in optimizing marketplace sales. These numbers must be up to date and on point to make more informed decisions that help you to spot trends and ensure you that you are on the right track. 


To thrive and succeed in your target marketplaces, you need to be able to make quick and informed decisions. With the new statistics tracking page, you can ensure that you will not fall behind your competition. You can focus on your sales data to stay ahead and be successful on the marketplaces which you offer goods.


Managing multiple marketplaces makes it hard to keep track of everything that is going on. Our team at ChannelEngine wants to give you better insights into your marketplace sales through advanced statistics. For that reason, we have updated our statistics dashboard with all of the most critical KPI’s (excluding advertising) you need for successful marketplace sales. 


With ChannelEngine, you can have constant insight into the following sales KPI’s: 

  • Sales to date compared to previous periods
  • Order count
  • Average order values
  • Products shipped
  • Average products per order
  • When do your customers buy during the day?
  • Top-performing marketplaces, products, brands, categories, and countries
  • Listed products, including status: Published,  Not published, Under review, etc. 
  • Order status 
  • Product reasons

All these metrics are available in a combined for all marketplaces and also gives you the ability to drill down on one or more sales channels combined.


This is only the beginning. There are more insights yet to come, if you have any requests, please let us know.  We might have it planned already, but we love to hear your priorities!


If you’re not a customer yet and want to see more, you can book an online demo here.


The next features currently in testing at the moment are digital bundling and automated translations. We will keep you posted on our future blogs. So stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletters and check the blog regularly!